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What to do when you can’t open any .exe file

Today I was working on windows 8 themes, I don’t know what I did but after sometime I was unable to open Applications (.EXE files)
That seriously banged my head!I looked over internet but was unable to find a solution, I wanted a quick fix.
I wasn’t able to open programs like Control Panel, CMD, taskmanager, regedit and even more..
So randomly I found something.This is a .reg file I crated and will surely fix the launch of .exe application.
Basically what this .reg file will do is unregister any program associated with .exe applications thus making default app to associate with .exe.
Just a small utility which will surely help you out and will save your time!



By MrBlade

Hello to all.I am a non-professional graphic designer who love's to do customization stuff .
Now i also love to blog about Customization. :)