Vista Style Builder For windows 8 (outdated)

OUTDATED!! Get the new one Here

Vista style builder or Windows style builder for windows 8 was out a ‘lil months ago but it’s still Beta which means it gives no guarantee that it will work but you can try outwsb8 the beta. They will not provide you the beta version until and unless you have purchased a key but I am sharing the cracked version here.

This version has removed the support for vista. Here is the release notes:

Just as a precaution, create a system restore before using this build. WinLogon and/or DWM is really fussy in Windows 8 and could lead to problems.

The following has been disabled as it either doesn’t work at all or causes issues:

1. Importing XP, Vista

XP and Vista themes have not yet been implemented.

2. Help Pane

The old pre 1.3 help dialog has been restored.

3. Localizations

Will need to be updated for the new EXE.

Anyways you can download the software below for free! Full version cracked!




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