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Transparency on Windows 8 & 8.1 without Aero Glass

Ever wanted to have transparency like Windows 7 on your windows 8/8.1 system? I bet you do.I came across Aero Glass but it wasn’t working for me.Every time I installed that little piece of software, it showed me “Incompatible DWM” and an ugly Watermark on bottom right of my desktop.I even tried to restart after installing it and all I got was a black screen & a message “Incompatible DWM” after logging in.So I started digging up the internet but I couldn’t find any best alternative to this but I do found some softwares which helped me to achieve usable transparency ( without aero blur ).

I couldn’t find any article on the internet which showed how to use these software’s together to achieve a true , stable transparency, so here I am writing this tutorial.All you gonna need is these 2 software’s (Download link at the bottom) :

  • WinaeroGlass.exeblendsettings
  • bLend.exe

First apply your theme let’s say aero it is.Now launch WinaeroGlass.exe. This doesn’t have any GUI interface, you just have to double click it and it will start and you will see transparent windows border.You are not done yet.The problem with this software alone is that you will find some flickering transparent windows when you move them and you will see you really can’t use those transparent windows so we are gonna need our second software bLend.exe.

After you are done with above steps, launch bLend.exe (with administrator rights).  A window will popup, the settings you need to change are highlighted in red in the image.

That’s all folks! You will love your new transparent borders on windows 8 and 8.1 systems.This is not working on Windows 10.

You might even want to  try my glass theme which works using these two software’s, here’s Infinitum VS

Download Links:

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