: : Injected Capsule : :

  And here i present my latest creation :: Injected Capsule ::

This theme took a great patience and time of mine! Hope you like my work! :woohoo:

Wanna say thanks to all my friends who’s work has inspired me! :boogie:

: : Includings : :

:bulletblack: Visual Style.

:bulletblue: Custom Sounds {Remodded Thanks to creators}

:bulletblack:3 wallpapers + login screen.

:bulletblue: E.T 1 Cursors

:bulletblack: 5 Rainmeter Skins.

:bulletblue: Dock Skin+ 20 dock icons.

:bulletblack: Required tools.

:bulletblue: 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.

:bulletblack: Shellbrd orb + timedate.cpl

If you like my work then show respect and say thanks by donating some points to me so that i may offer themes like these in future also! So please help me! :doh: