Alienware Eclipse Red

Price- $2.50

Update 28/12/2015

  • Changed some Properties
  • Completely Recolored

Please use “Alienware Eclipse Downloader” to download updated package.



So it’s done now! I had spent over a month for this theme and worked for over 12 hours a day.I did all this for your enjoyment so want you guys to buy this theme and support me for my future themes! Currently it’s for windows 7 only, it will take a week more to do windows 8 version. Alienware evolution was one of my greatest and most liked theme so I decided to make a new alienware theme and the result is Alienware Eclipse. Whole new interface, new start, sounds.Everything redesigned! You will love this!


  • Visual Style
  • Red_Alienware_7Sounds Schema
  • Cursors
  • Icon Pack
  • PNG icons for RocketDock
  • Logon Screen’s

Make sure after purchase you don’t distribute it for free because it took a great time and hard work. Please respect the copyright, do not share this for free!

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Alienware Eclipse Red [Win7]


Windows 8 Version is here