Generate direct download link from googledrive, onedrive &

This post will be really helpful for those who are struggling to find a filehost that provide direct download links or hotlinks.

I will be telling you the secret on how to generate direct download links from

1. Google Drive

2. Microsoft OneDrive


I myself use the trick to serve links on my website and I prefer the most as it’s the best for hotlinks.

So lets get started, all you need is some free time and internet 😛

1.Google Drive

Google drive is the best personal storage service as it comes from a big name “Google” nothing more is required to explain about it!

It provides 15 GB for free.

– Upload your file and after uploading is complete, right click on it -> Share




– After you have copied the url, the main work start’s.

– Notice the url in the image, after and before /edit?usp=sharing there is a unique file id mine is:


We need this File ID only.

Now replace the FILE_ID in this url:

the final url looks like this:

So you have succefully created a direct download link from google drive! 😀

2.Microsoft OneDrive

Another great personal storage service which is by Microsoft and offers 7GB free storage.

-Upload your file to onedrive and after uploading is complete right click on file-> Share



Make sure you set it public!

After that, click Create Link you will get link look like this:

Replace redir? with download? Here’s what final link will look like:

The reason why I use instead of above 2 services is that the final links created with my trick will make a redirect. The download will start after a little time of redirecting so it’s not instantaneous.

To start download form link immediately as we click on the link I use links.They are the best! provides free 15GB of storage space and that is enough!

-Upload your file, after uploading is done, right click on file-> Share



Now copy the URL mine looks like :

-We are not done yet, now paste this url in new browser tab and click enter.

-After the page loads completely, copy the url, forget about the previous URL we copied , we don’t need it now.

So the URL now is:

Now remove everythging in red from the URL.
So the final URL becomes:
Tools Windows 8

How to patch windows 8 to use custom Themes: UltraUX Theme Patcher

uxultraThis is a tut on how to enable custom 3rd party themes on windows8.

You can ‘t use the custom themes on windows8 PC until and unless few .dll files are patched!

So the the software to patch the dll’s is UltraUX Theme Patcher.It supports all OS’s from XP to windows 8.1 both x86 and x64 bit version!

It’s damn simple, you dont need to do anything just install using setup and done! Now your are ready to install custom themes on windws 8/8.1 PC.!





Create a free virtual drive with 15gb storage on windows

Some might know about this already but for those who don’t know about this , don’t worry I’ll tell you that how can you make a virtual drive on windows with 15gb of storage for free!


  • Gmail Account
  • Internet connectivity.
  • GMail Drive (software)

How this works?

The software create a virtual drive on you computer with 15gb of storage, the logic behind this is the gmail provides 15gb of storage amount for everyone who uses Gmail.The software is unofficial but you can use it without worrying.Just login to you gmail account and you can start storing files on virtual drive.To access the files you can goto gmail account in your browser and you will find a mail which will have the download link.

You can access the files anywhere!

I recommend to create a new gmail account because your existing gmail account would have used some storage so if you want full 15gb create a new gmail account! 🙂


Download the software below:






Tools Tutorials

How to change Hard Disk Icon

hard drive icon changerHey guys! Today I will tell you that how can you change your hard drive icon with an ease.

The tool I will be using is Drive Icon changer by Redmondpie. It’s so simple to use.

Just select your drive from drop down menu, it will show all the available drives.

Then after selecting the drive, select the drive icon by clicking on that select icon which will open a browse windows.Select a standard .ico format file for you Hard disk.

Then just click on save! Done! You will notice the changed icon.You can revert back to original icon anytime by using this tool only!



Change windows navigation buttons

In this tut, I will tell you that how can you change the forward and backward(navigation buttons) buttons on your windows PC.buttons

The file which we will edit is ExplorerFrame.dll which is located at:


So let’s start! Firstly make sure you made a backup of the file so that you can easily restore it buttons2back!

Now open it with any resource editor like Resource Hacker or

Restorator or any other but I will use restorator, it’s the best!

So open it with restorator and then navigate to BMP folder then export 577, 578, 579 & 581 bmp files.

577.bmp ->Normal
578.bmp ->Hover
579.bmp ->Not available(when you cant go forward or backward)
581.bmp ->Clicked

Now make your images using Photoshop, gimp or any other image editor.
Save all of them and then import them into the explorerframe.dll using the resource editor.

Done! just place your new explorerframe.dll back to C:\Windows\System32 and restart the explorer!explorerframe


How to change clock image in windows 7

Today I will tell you how to change the clock image which you see when you click time on you taskbar.clock_tut_1

We will edit the timedate.cpl file for this.

timedate.cpl is located at:


Firstly, make a backup of this file so that you can easily restore back.

Then open this file with help of resouce hacker or restorator or any other resource explorer program.I”ll use restorator, its the best.Then export the PNGFILE folder let’s say on desktop.

Now open he exported PNGFILE folder, you will se clock clock_tutimages.You can make new ones but make sure the size is correct like 5000.png is 130×130 pixel, 5008.png is 166x166pixel etc.Make sure you save the correct ones.

After you are done with making the clock images you can simple import them into you timedate.cpl file with help of restorator or resource hacker 🙂

After you are all done place it back in C:\windows\system32 and restart the explorer.

Done! Enjoy!


Make your own Cursors Set: Photoshop & RW Cursor Editor

Hello readers, I bet you must have thought how to make nice cursors set for windows once in your lifetime 😛

Today I”ll tell you how to make your set easily.Full A-Z steps with pictures.

Step1: The Design

Open photoshop or any other editor like gimp etc.We will need 32×32 pixel image but will start with a bigger one so that we can make high details.

Lets start with a 200×200 pixel canvas(transparent).

Make a basic design, whatever you like. Have a look at my basic cursor design in Photoshop.

Step2: Animation

If you don’t want animated cursor then you can skip this step.

So to make the animation we need frames means more images, so what we will do is change the

position of different elements(which we want to animate) and save it separately.See the pictures attached, click on them for larger preview.

All the images have to be saved separately in .PNG format for easy make a new folder and place all the image files there.


Step3: Using RW Cursor Editor to make cursors

Start the application, then drag your 1st cursor image onto the application which will open a new

workspace.Then at the bottom you will see cursors frames, there you will find a + option click on that if you want another frame(for animation only).Clicking on + sign will add a new blank frame.Select blank frame then on the right side you will find a dialogue Layers.Inside that you will find option to import layer,click on that a new import window will open then from that windows select the 2nd cursor image file.

Similar you can add as many frames. Here you can see I have made 3 Cursor images see the differences in all 3 images , this will cause the animation.So because of 3 images i will have 3 layers .After you are all done on the top toolbar you will find an option to create cursor, click on that which will open another workspace , from that new workspace will open then goto file–>Save as–> anyname and save as type: Animated Cursor.

See below attached image for more references.

Done! Similarly you can create whole cursor pack.

Download RW Cursor Editor Here:


Font Installer Script: Easily install fonts with your setups

I am writing this post to teach you how can you install fonts with your setups.Here i”ll teach you to write a font installer script so that you can use it to run with other setups.
I have been using this font installer script in each of my theme setup.You can see that fonts install with the setups of my themes, you dont have to manually install them. Here’s the small tutorial to do so:

Step 1:

Open notepad and paste the following code:

set winsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
set winenv = winsh.Environment("Process")
windir = winenv("WINDIR")

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Alienware Evolution\Fonts")
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName("autobahn_stencil.ttf")

Now have a look at the code above,in 5th line where I have placed C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Alienware Evolution\Fonts you have to type the font folder path.Like for example my Font file was located in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Alienware Evolution\Fonts but you can type any other location like C:\ or C:\Windows etc.

Now the 6th line contains the name of the font file.You can see I will be installing  autobahn_stencil.ttf using this script.You can type any font name instead but make sure the font is located in the folder which you have typed in line 5.

Step 2:

Now if you want to install multiple fonts then you can simple copy the code  and paste again & again, make sure you change the folder and font name.

Here’s the code:

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Alienware Evolution\Fonts")
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName("autobahn_stencil.ttf")

Step 3:

Now save it as anyname.vbs and make sure save as type is All Files(*.*)

Step 4:

Test the script by double clicking on anyname.vbs

Step 5: How to implement it in a installer?

That’s a big question that how to use it with the installer?Simple it is , if you want to use it with Winrar SFX installer then what you can do is decide the location of font  files ie after extraction where they will be copied.Then add that location to above code.Pack the script and the font files together with winrar sfx and in the option of SFX , you will find run after Extraction option.Type your .vbs file name there like anyname.vbs


Step 6: (Optional Skip step 5 instead)

What i do is instead of Winrar SFX i use a software Smart Install Maker.It’s very user friendly software and i have been building my theme’s setups using that software , in the next post i”ll teach you how to make setups with that.

Feel free to leave a reply here if you cant understand steps! I’ll try to explain you.