Alienware Eclipse iPacks

Here’s the collection of Alienware Eclipse Icons for Windows 7,8,8.1 ( x86 and x64 )Untitled-1s

Alienware Eclipse is my premium theme series, you can buy all my premium themes here ( it will help me to do free stuff in future ).

This iPack collection includes:

  • Blue
  • Pure Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange

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::Preview:: Alienware Eclipse Icons

Feel free to leave a feedback on this, I am really trying my level best on these icons. 🙂

Download here ->


Alienware Eclipse ::Preview::


After the huge responsive for Alienware Evolution, I decided to to do a sequel and here it is.I am currently working upon this and it will be available till the end of September probably!
Feel free to leave suggestions on this!
Meanwhile you can check my other theme’s out and make sure you grab the Reactor-X theme’s because they are FREE NoW! :iconxd--plz:


You are not allowed to modify this image in any form!


New Alienware Theme by Mr Blade Comming this September

After the huge success and massive response to my Alienware Evolution theme, I decided to to do another alienware theme.So I started the theme few days back and here’s the first preview of what I am been doing..

New Alienware
Feel Free to leave feedback’s on this 🙂