Nox iPack : Windows 7


windows 8/8.1 version is here

*Note: Since Windows 7 is more customizable than Win8, this iPack patches quite a few more system-files than the Win8 version does. Please report any bugs.

Included in the .zip you’ll find a text-file with instructions about re-naming both the included Nox Win7 iPack and the Reload Icons Cache tool. Due to deviantART’s policy concerning executable files, I’ve had to give this installer and the icon-reload tool the temporary “.ee” file extension. You’ll need to change that extension for both files to an “.exe”…so that the files will then become ‘Nox Win7 iPack.exe’ and ‘Reload Icons Cache.exe’…

Note: Please take the time to read through the License Information during setup, as there are some important tips along with other useful info.



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