Make your own Cursors Set: Photoshop & RW Cursor Editor

Hello readers, I bet you must have thought how to make nice cursors set for windows once in your lifetime 😛

Today I”ll tell you how to make your set easily.Full A-Z steps with pictures.

Step1: The Design

Open photoshop or any other editor like gimp etc.We will need 32×32 pixel image but will start with a bigger one so that we can make high details.

Lets start with a 200×200 pixel canvas(transparent).

Make a basic design, whatever you like. Have a look at my basic cursor design in Photoshop.

Step2: Animation

If you don’t want animated cursor then you can skip this step.

So to make the animation we need frames means more images, so what we will do is change the

position of different elements(which we want to animate) and save it separately.See the pictures attached, click on them for larger preview.

All the images have to be saved separately in .PNG format for easy make a new folder and place all the image files there.


Step3: Using RW Cursor Editor to make cursors

Start the application, then drag your 1st cursor image onto the application which will open a new

workspace.Then at the bottom you will see cursors frames, there you will find a + option click on that if you want another frame(for animation only).Clicking on + sign will add a new blank frame.Select blank frame then on the right side you will find a dialogue Layers.Inside that you will find option to import layer,click on that a new import window will open then from that windows select the 2nd cursor image file.

Similar you can add as many frames. Here you can see I have made 3 Cursor images see the differences in all 3 images , this will cause the animation.So because of 3 images i will have 3 layers .After you are all done on the top toolbar you will find an option to create cursor, click on that which will open another workspace , from that new workspace will open then goto file–>Save as–> anyname and save as type: Animated Cursor.

See below attached image for more references.

Done! Similarly you can create whole cursor pack.

Download RW Cursor Editor Here:

By MrBlade

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Now i also love to blog about Customization. :)