Make windows applications look Transparent: Black Glass Enhanced


Black Glass Enhanced makes your other applications go transparent (more correctly, GLASSY).

You can set 14 of your apps (background

must be black) turn to glassy look.

How to Use:

Copy “Black Glass Enhanced” folder to your “Program Files”. Default Path —> C:\Program Files

Run “BlackGlassEnhanced.exe” to start the application. Just add the process name in the Options menu and then click “Save” for changes to take effect.


Windows Explorer: explorer.exe
Task Manager: taskmgr.exe
Command Prompt: cmd.exe

Notepad: notepad.exe

If you don’t know the process name for any application, start the Task Manager and go to “Process” to find out the process name.
You can set the program to run at Windows Startup. Just select the “StartUp: Enable” option and then click “Save” to take effect.
Have Fun!

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