iPack Builder v2.2

iPack Builder v2 is the successor of the iPack Builder version 1. Version 1 was simple and didn’t allowed much more options,but that gave me an idea to develop much more advanced version and result is this.

If you  have made iPack with any older version ( current version is 2.2) , instead of remaking your iPack with new iPack builder, just upgrade your iPack.

Complete Changelog

Virustotal Scan Results


What it is?

With this tool you can make icon pack installers in exe format. The installer will work perfectly on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 both x86 and x64. The idea was simple enough that we wanted to patch windows dll’s exe and other things without messing around.The existing solutions were in stable and took a great amount of time.

Why is this better than 7tsp:

  • You can uninstall the pack from control panel just like you remove any other software
  • More reliable scripting
  • Faster method.
  • Advance installer
  • You don’t need any other software to install the pack.
  • Simple interface, just click on buttons and install the pack.
  • Packs built with iPack Builder and for 7tsp are nearly of same size.
  • 7tsp cannot patch in Program files folders (only wmplayer I guess) but with iPacks you can patch in program files folder
  • iPacks are smart enough to check if x64 windows, if found x64 windows then it will patch both x86 and x64 dll files.


What’s new in this version compared to iPack Builder Version 1:

  • The previous version could only patch limited predefined files but this will look up for file, if found then only patch it!
  • This version saves ACL files.
  • Pack’s built with this version can be uninstalled from the control panel
  • Much more reliable scripting.
  • Multilingual support in the installer ( English , Spanish, Russian, German )
  • Pack’s built with this version are smaller.





You have a question regarding iPack? We have the answer! Read below the FAQ, feel free to ask questions in comment section.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”How to Upgrade an existing iPack to the latest version?” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]Instead of remaking you iPack again and again with the release of new iPack Builder, you can upgrade them.

Upgrading your icon pack installer ( iPack ) is very simple, just launch iPack Builder.exe and you will notice a big blue “Upgrade” button.Click on that and follow instructions.Done![/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”How to modify res files or any other data in iPack after they are built?” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]Form version 2.1.1, modifying an iPack is pretty straight forward.

Click on modify button,select iPack. Wait for it to unpack and everything will be loaded in iPack Builder.You just have to edit items and rebuild the iPack.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”How to uninstall an iPack?” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]There are 3 ways to start the uninstaller:

1.From the control panel, uninstall the pack just like you uninstall any other software.

2.Start the iPack application you downloaded again and it will be in uninstall mode.

3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Pack Name\ and run iPack_Installer.exe

(Program Files (x86) in case of 64 bit windows )[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”Is iPack Builder avaibale in any other language except english?” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]Currently the iPack Builder is only available in English, but the iPack’s built with this tool support 4 languages:
-Russian[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”iPacks installed but icons are not changed!” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]Sometimes the icons cache and thumb cache fail to reload. In such situations you should use the tool “Reload Icons.exe” if you still don’t see the icons changed then you can restart ,after that you will see changed icons.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”Metro apps not working after install/uninstall” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]To fix this issue open task manager and restart explorer.exe
Basically you don’t have to restart it with Administrator privileges.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_toggle title=”Which files are supported in iPack Builder?” style=”default” color=”Default” size=”md” open=”false”]Limitless possibilities!
You can patch files which resides in:

Program Files
Program Files (x86)


  • I have two questions:
    -1: The command window that I manage to capture, it always describes an error that I do not know what it refers to (“The system can not find the specified file” and “Batch file not found”), I do not know if it is an error by me of some file that I have not made available to the program, or an error of the program.
    -2: At the end of building the iPack, launching the windows with the finished pack, the program never ends, it stays in an endless loop, any ideas ?.

  • I have two questions:
    -1: The command window that I manage to capture, it always describes an error that I do not know what it refers to, I do not know if it is an error by me of some file that I have not made available to the program, or an error of the program.
    -2: At the end of building the iPack, launching the windows with the finished pack, the program never ends, it stays in an endless loop, any ideas ?.

  • Luiz Ricardo Paixão

    How to make download/?/

  • Kaison

    loading ipack and it wont load, dont know why but end up having to restart my computer everytime

  • iammrblade

    I don’t seem to have any problem while downloading in chrome.

  • LeVvE

    Used to be something nice, now it’s just a pile of virus. DON’T DOWNLOAD.

    • iammrblade

      Thank your for your precious comment, here’s the virus total scan https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/80feb42e2708723f74e2a1182d911b77e231c17f437b0bd81f1db3e6a2f5f5e0/analysis/1457933415/

      Maybe you are a ‘skinpack’ admirer, I won’t justify that it ain’t virus!

      Mr Blade

      • LeVvE

        Both links are blocked in Chrome, big red warnings. I sandboxed it and it installs some kind of keylogger/remote access virus. Nice try though.

      • LeVvE

        No fun answering anymore because I’m right?

        People like you make me sick.

        • iammrblade

          I am offering this for FREE of cost for everyone who wants to modify their system. Before shitting on someone else’s work, try to achieve something yourself. If you just want to complaint about things then leave this site and never comeback.
          Actually, narcissistic people like you make me sick!

          Funny thing is when you search Gen:Variant.Strictor.22927 on google,only my post comes up because of your comment 😛 and the website http://www.virus-removal-help.com/remove-genvariant-strictor/ looks like you made it overnight just to brag about the false positive only YOU HAD!

          Please just love us alone!

          • LeVvE

            I know it’s free, I used to use it before and there was nothing wrong with it.

            The 2.2 version ads Gen:Variant.Strictor.22927 to your PC when running the upgrade, both F-Secure and Malwarebytes picks up on it and it’s probably why Chrome etc blocks the download from working. I doubt both would pick up on it as false positive when they don’t use the same signatures.

            If you used a more well known download site it wouldn’t be as suspicious.

  • Shubham Sir

    Ohhhhhhh Man, I Love Your Work, I Want To Support You But I Am Only 16 🙁

    I Also Want To Work With You, Can I, . . . Please Tell Me


    Of Course Your Work Is Better Than That Of Skinpacks
    And Sorry For My Bad English

    • iammrblade

      Thank you for showing keen interest in this. Currently I don’t have time to develop or work on this project Maybe I will consider you for some other project in future!

      Mr Blade

  • MatG-DK

    Hi Mr. Blade. I really love your Fiber Ipack icons. Is there any chance that the Ipack installer will be updated to support Win 10? Thx in advance, regards

    • iammrblade

      I did not make Fiber iPack but you can upgrade/modify ANY iPack. You just need to download iPack Builder, select Upgrade option and then select your iPack. When the iPack loads, select “ALL OS” and build!

      • MatG-DK

        I just tried the Ipack Builder 2.2, and it was so easy..
        Now it works and im happy, Big Thanks 🙂 🙂

        • iammrblade

          Your welcome. 🙂

  • mattnolan96

    You’ve written alernate link it should be alternate

    • iammrblade

      corrected 😛

  • Sci-Fighter

    Hey Mr Blade how are you doing bud Razorsedge from VC here. This app of yours is the king of icon packs my man. I always did my icon edits manually as I never trusted apps to not mess up my OS lol. Well I tried your app here and it is just awesome bud I am really impressed.

    I have one question we are trying to solve I have made 2 full huge system and apps packs with iPack Builder but of course I am on Win 7 and people are asking for them for other OS versions I notice the builder has options for 7, 8 and all OS’s. I am assuming that by doing the all OS’s one that this can take the pack made from the res files off my Win 7 pack and do them up for Win 8 and 10. Am I correct in thinking that I wanted to ask you first before going ahead and just doing it so I don’t mess up someones OS. People over there are really looking at your app now with this new pack and there are so many questions I am getting about them converting over other packs so if this builder can take the Win 7 res files and then builds the packs for Win 8 and 10 well I would just have to call this app the king, oh I called it that already is there a word above king lol

    I look forward to your reply bud 🙂

    • iammrblade

      I am glad that people have actually started using it and realize it’s power.

      First thing I would suggest you that make sure your iPack was built with the latest version 2.2, if you are not sure about that then just UPGRADE it.

      If you want to run that pack on all windows then you should MODIFY the iPack (skip UPGRADE STEP if using v2.2 iPack Builder) and select ALL OS option and it will never patch shell32.dll and explorer.exe if it finds windows 8 or above. Only these 2 files generally cause black screen/misbehavior.

      So the pack will install fine on all windows and will automatically remove shell32 and explorer when detected windows is not 7.
      Moreover people can manually uncheck the file(s) they don’t want to patch.

      Mr Blade

      • Sci-Fighter

        Thank you so much bud 🙂

        I made the packs on version 2.2 I wanted to make sure I had the most up to date application to start with. Just to let you know first I had wanted to start using your app a long while ago when I saw that it can also patch programs files folders as well that is so useful. I had done 7tsp packs in the past only because people asked for them I had never used the app myself lol. I just had a lot going on the last year and never had the opportunity to sit down and get these icon packs done for the size of the ones I normally do a pack can take about a mth to make 🙂

        Your answer there was exactly as I thought it would be. I figured with the all OS option it would be able to do that ( or else why have the option right lol ) I just wanted to be sure before hand. I believe you are going to get quite a big uproar from the site now on people wanting to use the app there are many who want to start converting older packs now over to your system, so I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work on this and to let you know that next to theme resource patcher for Win 7 this has to be the best customize app I have ever seen for Windows customize work you have hit the top of the list with me bud 🙂

        • iammrblade

          Thank you for appreciating, I surely did a lot of work on this just to put a smile on people’s face and make their lives easy.
          I wanted to leave a reply and help you guys on the original thread of your Magnum iPack on VC but I lost my VC crediantials & couldn’t login.
          Feel free to ask anything or leave suggestions, together we will make it better! 😀
          You can even send your iPack link to me so I can check if it needs any kind of optimization.

          • Sci-Fighter

            Bud if you let me know what your stuff was on VC I can help put you back there or fix anything it would be great to have you over at the site. Here is my profile over on D.A “http://r0ck-n-r0lla1.deviantart.com” send me a note with your old account info or if you would like a new account I am assuming you would with your name mr blade lol and I will set it up for you and bump you out of newbie status so you can make posts right away 🙂

          • iammrblade

            I checked your comment on VC and I think you misunderstood something. You do not need to remake the iPack in order to set it as ALL OS. You can just modify the iPack and set it ALL OS and build 🙂 No need to completely do the pack again.
            I do not remember that what I had posted but I think I will just signup right now.

          • Sci-Fighter

            Sorry bud I just ran off to do a few errands there oh ok I just thought from what you said that it was better to make the pack from scratch from the res files.

            Np at all I will bump u up out of newbie status so u can psot without the post que on VC 🙂

            Thanks much bud 🙂

          • Sci-Fighter

            Thanks much bud ok I have moved you to V.I.P. status on the site so you can post without the post que thanks so much for your help 🙂

  • Vishnu Vijay

    How Can I patch files in %windir% (Regedit)? Pls include this support in the next version! 🙂 Love Ur Work….. Much better and faster, smaller than iconpack builder. If U include this ability, iconpack bulder is gone from my PC. 🙂

    • iammrblade

      It works very well for files in %windir%. use my Alienware Eclipse iPack & see that it patches regedit.exe in windir. Also, iconpack builder is a piece of crap,completely copied my stuff. It barely tells you what is packed inside and no information regarding which file is patching.


      • Vishnu Vijay

        I found intresting that The iPack Builder (update) is using the Windows 8 boot (ing) style (the rounding balls). I’ll be happy if U pls send me that, so that I can improve my cursor. I created an animation just like it. But it’s not like the original. Here is the link to my Cursorpack: https://app.box.com/s/hiomdctoqnr0b8m5q5o0h8m6753mb09z

        Another Link: https://drive.bitcasa.com/send/jOyZQqNilJset2qQUkFuhNMV-pi3sFhJk6l3WecgwiAg

        Pls help me improve my work…. ! 🙂

        Love to hear from U…..

      • Vishnu Vijay

        What about the files in ‘%windir%BrandingBasebrd’ & ‘%windir%BrandingShellBrd’

        Thanks for Ur replies……. Help me solve this problem also…….

        One thing I noticed about Iconpack builder is that is is scriptable as desired…Thats why I use it often. But iPack Builder is quicker, lighter, easier, thats it, more likes ti iPack builder. Try making a Cursorpack installer, themepack installer, wallpaper installer, etc. Like Your Designing a lot. 🙂

        If considering a wallpaperpack, consider this link pls: https://app.box.com/s/73br3ucvl08bd66wppnsk41qo5763hd0

        • iammrblade

          Yes, both of them are supported

          • Vishnu Vijay

            Pls explain with examples, if possible? Do I need to put them in folders?

          • iammrblade

            just make a .res file for both of them and drop them in .res tab. The folder tab is only for files in Program files
            Please tell me how a scriptable NSIS setup is better for a designer? Sure it’s a great thing if you want to make a software’s setup (even I use it), but there is no point of editing the script, tell me what will you achieve?

          • Vishnu Vijay

            Extra Backups, more customized installation (When i make an iconpack (NSIS) I change the Default User Account Pic [C:ProgramDataMicrosoftUserAccountPictures] and so on. I’m intrested in knowing what installer are U using to create iPacks! Pls Reply….

          • iammrblade

            Please explain “more customized installation”, I would really like to implement more features. Haha does someone really want to change the Account pic using a setup? You didn’t get the point why I actually made this software in the first place. I wanted the designer to work only on icons and res file and leave everything on iPack on how to patch them. I have written the installer from scratch by myself, that is why it is more powerful because it’s only meant to patch icons not a general installer like NSIS.
            Also whats the point of extra backup? More disk space consumption?

          • Vishnu Vijay

            with all respect & love: this is a drawback of your ipack builder. But consider the nsis installer offering operations depending on windows version.Fix this drawback somehow. I’m sure that U know this, but if somehow U havent noticed this I think this may become useful. Please see the 3rd snip. 🙂

          • iammrblade

            1.I am working on a feature that when a digital signature is present on a file then that file will not be patched which is way more better than this manually typing each file name.

            2.Restore point is created which will help to recover from any kind of failure so extra backup only means more disk spack usage.

            thank you for appreciating, it took me over 3 months to code the installer itself.

          • Vishnu Vijay

            🙂 Will U consider another ipack from me?

            I’ve send a request from the submission page

            Name: Blue Passion

            Preview: https://app.box.com/s/j2w3xasm6f2x9tsy3vqmdph7ezenf8t9

            Download Link: https://app.box.com/s/nteycjat2lqedvh1hf7z6n7s6y636p6e

          • Vishnu Vijay

            My holidays are ending today and I’m wishing to upload a new ipack this day, And I’ll be into my Higher Studies from tomorrow on! Pls consider my request 🙂

          • Vishnu Vijay

            Command-line 7-zip beta/alpha is a better option to store extra backups, consider it as a better idea as we are playing with system files. I has several experiences loosing Windows. And just forgot to tell in the 1st reply, awesome scripting yar, YOU ARE JUST AWESOME……

  • Henrique César Madeira

    How i create this .res file.

    • iammrblade
      • JerksPlay

        This video tells me how to make a .res file with one resource. But how are .res files with multiple resources made? Because when I add icon group resources to my .res file, the single icons of this icon group have completely different names (IDs) than the ones from the original .dll file.

        • iammrblade

          I will make another one :). Right now I am having exams.

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