Install cracked apps without jailbreak on iOS 7,8 and 8.1


So finally iOS 7 was released yesterday, some appreciated and some were against it! I really loved it so updated immediately but after installing I was missing my cracked apps! 🙁 So I had to find an alternative and I found something which was working!

Below is the step by step image guide , you can install cracked apps using this method on any iOS 4.3 to 8.1 without jailbreak!

Software download link is at the bottom of the post.

Fix for crashing apps is here

There was only 1 problem that I faced with this method.The problem was that previously I had downloaded many cracked apps .ipa from different sites, I couldn’t add them to this software.Whenever I added , this software said Verification failed! So you have to download the cracked apps from this software only!

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a tool which you have to give a try! It's a perfect alternative until a jailbreak for iOS7 is released! This tool really works and I am not kidding!

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  • Teuksora

    tried this software but the apps are not cracked. i tried pinball HD and phoenix wright. you’re merely downloading the free version but you still need in-app purchases.

  • James

    Go to http://udidev.com
    Purchase iSignCloud Package
    Install AppAddict
    Enjoy Unlimited Free Paid Apps
    Done. That Easy!

  • Charles Chen

    I downloaded straight from the pp thing, but it still says application verification error

  • thisiswastingtime

    its fucking chinnese shit, i dont understand

  • venom

    Tongbu is much better.(in english to) 🙂

  • Mark Ceasar Arcilla

    working on ios 7.0.4.. thanks

  • Marc

    The link is broken

  • bot

    How about InstallProhibited?

  • hashmi

    it works on iphone 5 with ios 7.0.0 too

  • aebmyasz

    Works fine on my iPad 3 iOS 7.0.4!!!!

  • Trevelyan

    nice sharing dude.. finally i can install iDos for my program..

  • Miguel Solans

    Does it works on iPad?

  • Zomor

    to fix the crashing apps go to the iphone tab in PP assist and click on the green key

    • john

      what green botten

      • Zomor

        In the iphone tab

  • Dov

    Itunes wont let me sync after installing the apps.
    is there a way to fix it?

  • Anton Ralph Valenzuela

    Works great on iPhone 4 using iOS 7.0.4.

  • iosftw

    It works in IOS 7.0.4 great find!!!!

  • garry

    the apps are crashinggg

  • kimaera

    Work well on my iphone4S running ios 7.0.3..

    but after I tried updating my ‘legal’ apps in app store, every apps i installed from this software got crashed…
    Fortunately, tips from Skull (check below skull post for crashing app solution) works… So I am happy now. 😀

  • Adam Son

    DAMN I DOWNLOADED BUT DIDN`T WORK , : error application verification error

  • aman

    error application verification error

  • aman

    is that working on iphone 5s ios 7.0.3

  • Mohd Fardeen

    can we install our own apps from this??

  • Roy

    does the fifa 14 here fully cracked? are all the game modes activated? e.g. manager mode, tournament etc.

  • Zahir

    after installing apps ,i cant sync with itunes,even my videos or music cany be synced,as it ask for authorization of computer for apps,

  • someone19999

    Why is it downloading so slow?

    • Brian Liu

      China shit

  • thazsar

    I just installed FantastiCal & Limbo on my ip5S w/ 7.0.3!!! Downloading Inf. Blade 3, now!

  • Skull

    Tested working on ios 7.0.3 iphone (check below my post for crashing app solution)

  • Richard

    7.0.3 Method

    “This works great for me, There aren’t as many apps as I would like (Productivity apps specifically){Games and Apps mostly Up to date} Worked on my Ipad mini running IOS 7.0.3

    >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

    There is a mac & windows version”

  • Leon Tech-Geek Adderley


    • Admin_Mrblade

      no there isn’t any english version :

  • P.Nha

    Do you have that software in mac version? 🙁

    • Admin_Mrblade

      The software is not by me! 🙁 I don’t think there is a mac version

      • P.Nha

        Thx for your reply. I have one more question.

        Will this work on iPhone 5c IOS 7?

        • Admin_Mrblade

          Yes , just update to latest version

          • P.Nha

            oh.. I am on IOS 7.0… is that okay?

  • kromanjonac

    this download speed is so slow, if you want faster download speed download it from here http://fileups.net/file/0S7Yp (it also contains a better guide how to download apps)

  • wasimie

    wil it wOrk On iOS 7.0.2??

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Yeah! I am using on 7.0.2

      • Aaftab Sheikh

        I am using IOS 7.0.2 and I have installed few apps from PP Assist, but now they all crashing when start. HELP !!

        • Admin_Mrblade

          I know that’s happening, everything works fine until you add some music from computer to iPhone, after that each app just crashes! It’s because of the new Music in iOS7 / 7.0.2 .I am finding a solution to this problem! 🙁

          • Gabe

            Is there a patch yet??? :/

          • Admin_Mrblade

            i think what you can do is transfer music to iPhone from new iFunbox and only install apps from this software, it’s working well for me from past 5 days 🙂

          • Rohan8088

            Does this work for ios 7.0.3?

          • MrBlade

            yes this should work

          • Marc

            No it does not, i get Verification failed on every app i get

          • Richard

            This works great for me, There aren’t as many apps as I would like (Productivity apps specifically){Games and Apps mostly Up to date} Worked on my Ipad mini running IOS 7.0.3

            >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYqR537SaqA

            There is a mac & windows version

          • Skull

            Its working fine on ios7.0.3 tested and using myself

          • DiborGaming

            Did you find a solution to the apps crashing? They all crash now and I deleted my itunes libary but they still crash

          • Skull

            I found the Solution app crashing app from a Chinese site, and crashing of app has nothing do with music transfer some app works and some crashes.

            Solution:remove all crashing app connect to iphone to pc and opne pp25 app and in first screen posted in this post u see a ”grey button” just beneath the minimize and close button, click on it and wait until is done and ur good to go 🙂