How to use custom theme’s on Win7?



This is the post written to teach you all that how you should enable and use custom third party theme’s on windows 7.
Basically you need 2 softwares:
1. Universal theme Patcher.
2. Theme Resource changer.

Follow these steps:


1. First open the software universal theme patcher and patch the 3 files, after that reboot you PC.
2. Install theme resource changer.
3. If you have installer to install theme then it’s fine but if not then you can move your theme files to :


4. Done ! Enjoy your theme

Note For Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic Users:

If you can’t find personalization panel (right click on desktop) then you need a software to be installed before following the above steps.
Program Name: Aero Patch


Download Links :

Aero Patch by Mr. dUSHA

Universal Theme Patcher

Theme Resource Changer


By MrBlade

Hello to all.I am a non-professional graphic designer who love's to do customization stuff .
Now i also love to blog about Customization. :)