Generate direct download link from googledrive, onedrive & copy.com

This post will be really helpful for those who are struggling to find a filehost that provide direct download links or hotlinks.

I will be telling you the secret on how to generate direct download links from

1. Google Drive

2. Microsoft OneDrive

3. Copy.com

I myself use the trick to serve links on my website and I prefer copy.com the most as it’s the best for hotlinks.

So lets get started, all you need is some free time and internet 😛

1.Google Drive

Google drive is the best personal storage service as it comes from a big name “Google” nothing more is required to explain about it!

It provides 15 GB for free.

– Upload your file and after uploading is complete, right click on it -> Share




– After you have copied the url, the main work start’s.

– Notice the url in the image, after https://drive.google.com/file/d/ and before /edit?usp=sharing there is a unique file id mine is:


We need this File ID only.

Now replace the FILE_ID in this url:


the final url looks like this:


So you have succefully created a direct download link from google drive! 😀

2.Microsoft OneDrive

Another great personal storage service which is by Microsoft and offers 7GB free storage.

-Upload your file to onedrive and after uploading is complete right click on file-> Share



Make sure you set it public!

After that, click Create Link you will get link look like this:


Replace redir? with download? Here’s what final link will look like:



The reason why I use Copy.com instead of above 2 services is that the final links created with my trick will make a redirect. The download will start after a little time of redirecting so it’s not instantaneous.

To start download form link immediately as we click on the link I use copy.com links.They are the best!

Copy.com provides free 15GB of storage space and that is enough!

-Upload your file, after uploading is done, right click on file-> Share



Now copy the URL mine looks like :


-We are not done yet, now paste this url in new browser tab and click enter.

-After the page loads completely, copy the url, forget about the previous URL we copied , we don’t need it now.

So the URL now is:


Now remove everythging in red from the URL.
So the final URL becomes:

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