Create a free virtual drive with 15gb storage on windows

Some might know about this already but for those who don’t know about this , don’t worry I’ll tell you that how can you make a virtual drive on windows with 15gb of storage for free!


  • Gmail Account
  • Internet connectivity.
  • GMail Drive (software)

How this works?

The software create a virtual drive on you computer with 15gb of storage, the logic behind this is the gmail provides 15gb of storage amount for everyone who uses Gmail.The software is unofficial but you can use it without worrying.Just login to you gmail account and you can start storing files on virtual drive.To access the files you can goto gmail account in your browser and you will find a mail which will have the download link.

You can access the files anywhere!

I recommend to create a new gmail account because your existing gmail account would have used some storage so if you want full 15gb create a new gmail account! 🙂


Download the software below:






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