How to enable Windows 7,8,8.1 for custom themes

Most of the time I get messages ,emails that “your theme doesn’t work” and I always tell them to show a screenshot and 99% times they didn’t have their system patched properly.

I am gonna make this simple for all the guys out there who want to install custom themes and other stuff with ease!

OK let’s get started.

The first thing you gonna need is to patch the windows so that you can install custom themes.

If you are on windows 7 home basic or Starter then you will need this software to enable Aero otherwise none of the theme will work and you will regret that even after completing every step as instructed the theme didn’t work.

So next step for Windows 7 will be that most of the themes on windows 7 needs theme resource changer installed.What this little software does is you can add explorer frame navigation images and other control panel images in the theme folder so these images will load as soon as you apply the theme. ( you don’t need to edit dll files )

Next on windows 7 if you need to make your explorer windows and other applications transparent then go check this post

If you want to customize icons then you can get this 7tsp software.There are many icon packs available on the net which you can install using this software or you can even try my application iPack Builder which does the same job but is faster and much more user friendly.

To change the logon screen on windows 7 you can use this.

I think we are over with Windows 7 now we’ll talk about 8 and 8.1

So after patching you windows with above mentioned software ( bullet point 2 ) you really need to install OldNewExplorer what it is and what it does can be found here.

Next if you want to have a start menu on windows 8 and 8.1 just like windows 7 then I really recommend using this. Most of the themes on windows 8 and 8.1 are nowadays compatible with this startisback software you will have your start menu also skinned with your theme.

If you want to install icons then you again use 7tsp or iPack Builder

That’s all the information that you really need to become a Pro at installing themes.

P.S all of your themes are located at C:\Windows\Resource\Themes


Unlock Inuse files on Windows

inuseEver came across an issue that you wanted to rename, move, replace or perform any action on a file on Windows but windows pops up annoying message “The action cannot completed because this file is open in something or someone is using this file” or other similar annoying messages.?

Here’s a simple application Unlocker to encounter this problem.

Unlocker is a small application ( probably the best one ) which adds an option in right click context menu to unlock any in use file so that you can perform your action on it.

This is a freeware application which you can download here

It even support’s command line arguments!


Change files on reboot

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You might have came across the situation that you want to delete a file but it’s in use so you can’t! I have a solution to that which I would like to tell you, it’s useful and pretty simple though.

All you gonna need is regedit.exe

Let’s say you want to delete a file say shell32.dll which is located at C:\Windows\System32

-Just open regedit.exe from Run. Navigate to :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

-Create a new value PendingFileRenameOperations of type REG_MULTI_SZ  (Multi string value)


Just this! What this will do is delete shell32.dll from C:\Windows\System32 the next time you restart your windows.

If you want to add one more schedule then just enter 2 blank lines and type a new command just like above.

Just like you delete the files you can also change the files on restart.

Consider you want to change shell32.dll in C:\Windows\System32 on next reboot with Shell32.dll located at D:\Somefolder

Type this:

 \??\D:\Somefolder\shell32.dll !\??\C:\Windows\system32\shell32.dll

In case you don’t like typing the whole thing in regedit then you can also use a software Movefile by sysinternals.
Download link for movefile.


Have a look at my PendingFileRenameOperations:


Tutorials Windows 8

Import windows 7 themes to windows 8 & 8.1: Mega Tutorial

Hello everyone, have you ever wondered or wished that some of of your coolest windows 7 theme should have been built for 8 & 8.1? Don’t you worry, in this tutorial I will teach how to successfully port a windows 7 theme to 8 & 8.1

Hassle free, easy steps with pictures.

Special thanks to Mr Grim


First of all you need WSB(Windows style builder) here it is Link

Then you need some modified files for this WSB (Download all attachments included at the end of the post).

Now after downloading and installing WSB, open the programs files of WSB then open folder->Data.

Then replace the files with newly downloaded attachments.


Start the application then goto to Open -> Import a Windows 7 style.

Navigate and open a windows 7 .msstyles file

After successfully opening, don’t do anything just click on save.


Restart WSB and open the saved .msstyles (the new .msstyles which you saved in step 2) and test it and see if it’s working.If it isn’t repeat step 2.


Congratulations! You have successfully imported the theme now we just need some modifications to make the theme work properly!


Goto Explorer & Shell > Explorer > ProperTree > Navigation Text

Add a textcolor property to above location.


Now save your .msstyle and test it!

You will find some problems in your new theme.import2

General problems and their fixes:

1.) In my computer, you will noice the right side part is white,

you can change that color at:

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > ProperTree > Background > FILLCOLOR:COLOR

and change the colors of the properties inside this:

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Items View > ItemsView > Details


2.)import3Most of the times I noticed in My computer that this area in the image is white( almost every time)

To change this color/image, navigate to below mentioned 4 places and change the color or image:

Toolbars, Headers, & Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Aero > Normal > Active > Background

Toolbars, Headers, & Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Aero > Normal > Inactive > Background

Toolbars, Headers, & Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Aero > Max > Active > Background

Toolbars, Headers, & Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Aero > Max > Inactive > Background


3.)After import your theme will have default navigation buttonsimport5

You can change them at:

Buttons, Boxes, & Controls > Buttons > Navigation



import6The text color in windows explorer is black as you can see in the image attached.

It’s almost unreadable in dark themes.

To change the color navigate to:

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Items View > ItemsView > FILLCOLOR:COLOR


5.) The Jumplist Bug and it’s FIX is HERE


6.)Windows Title background colorimport7

Go to Fonts, Colors, & System Metrics > Colors (Globals) and change the COLORIZATIONCOLOR:INT

Go into your theme file. Change AutoColorization to equal zero and then add a ColorizationColor that is exactly the same as the one you added in the above step.



How to add themeable control panel images and side panel images

In order to have those images which we had in windows 7 themes using Theme Resource Changer, we need to have OldNewExplorer installed and we need modified Shellstyle.dll file.

After installing OldNewExplorer , navigate to your theme folder like  C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Alienware Eclipse Biohazard Edition

Now open the folder shell then open NormalColor folder and replace the shellstyle.dll file with the one I provide.

Download link is at the bottom.

After that open your theme in wsb and navigate to:import00

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Control Panel > ControlPanel > NavigationPane

-The image 1 in wsb under navigationPane is the Image 632 from shell32.dll i.e the side image which appear in control panel, personalization etc.

-The second one is the image that appears over the above image in control panel. (see the corresponding image)

-The 3rd one is the image in control panel, see this is the image:

-To change Windows orb that appears when you open system properties, change the image at this place:

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Control Panel > ControlPanel > ContentPane > <1>

-To change Genuine orb that appears in system properties at the bottom, change the image at this place:

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Control Panel > ControlPanel > ContentPane > <2>


Download the attachments:











Tutorials Windows 8

OldNewExplorer: A must have utility for Win8/8.1

snapdpaneI know most of the customizer’s, developers will be aware of this small utility but those how don’t know about this will get to know after reading this post!

So what it is?

OldNewExplorer is the Windows 8.1 and Windows 8shell extension / tweaker which can undo “improvements” to file browsing made in newer Windows version.

This small utility will help you to enable Preview pane, help to disable ribbon,Hide Up arrow and much more..

Simply, this will help you to make your windows 8/8.1 look more like windows 7.

Also unlike other patch’s this will not break the boot, this is a guarantee that this will work flawlessly.

Some more developer’s note:

– Restore devices / drives grouping

Everything is ‘Devices and drives’. That’s stupid! O-N-E can restore grouping which made sense in Win7/8.

– Restore libraries / remove folders

Remove all those folders which were unoptionally added into Windows 8.1 This PC folder and put the libraries back to their place, without registry hacking / breaking oldnewapps.

– Restore command bar / remove Ribbon

Because some people consider it an abomination.

– Restore details pane at bottom

Same reason; reclaim useful horizontal space.

– Improve styling

Get rid of some Win7 stuff here and there; improve styling with some built-in visual styles.

For themers / skinners, O-N-E can help to override a lot of hardcoded styling in Windows 8, maybe even Start screen!

This utility will also help windows theme developers to add themeable control panel images and side panel images, geniune image and shellbrd orb in their .msstyles!

Original Thread : Link

Tutorials Windows 8

How to repair jumplist icons and images in windows 8.1 themes

Windows 8.1 .msstyle had some changes and there was no start in 8/8.1 so the location of jumplist was changed. In this post i”ll show you how you can modify your windows 8 theme to work on 8.1. The windows 8 theme runs good on 8.1 but there is a jumplist problem. You can see the image that how the jumplist look when we apply the windows 8 theme on 8.1:


Remove all properties from:

Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List

Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List Extended

Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List Separator

Now add the properties

WIDTH:INT of 16 to Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List

WIDTH:INT of 5 and HEIGHT:INT of 2 to Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List Extended

WIDTH:INT of 4 and HEIGHT:INT of 10 to Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Panels > Programs List Separator

Remove all properties from Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Programs List > Controls > More Programs Arrow

To see the Pin icons do everything I said in the above post and then remove all properties from Start Menu > Panels > Basic > Places List > Panels > Places List

jumplist fixand add property WIDTH:INT of 26 to it.

Jumplist part 1 (see attached image)

You can change this image by replacing the image from Start Menu > Panels > Aero >Top > Program List > More Programs Extended

Jumplist part 2

To change this part , you have to change the colorization color from the .theme file


Jumplist part 3

To add this image to jumplist, replace Start Menu > Panels > Aero>Top>Place List > Place List Extanded

and replace

jumplist 2


Start Menu > Panels > Aero>Top>Place List > Place List Separator

After performing above steps, you will fix the jumplist for window 8.1 theme.

Tutorials Windows 8

Skip Logon Screen on Windows

This doesn’t means you can bypass the logon screen when it asks for password.

skip logon


-click start and search for netplwiz

-Now there will be any option ticked that user must enter username and password to use this computer. See the image

-Just uncheck it and it will ask you to enter password twice.

-Enter the password and click ok.

-Next time you boot, you won’t see logon screen. 🙂

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Fix crashing apps iOS 7

In the previous post here, I told you how you can install cracked app’s on you iOS device without jailbreak just using a simple software.

But there was one problem that after sometime the app’s start crashing.I couldn’t find any solution so what I did was reset the phone every time when the apps start crashing.

This process was time consuming and gives headache 😛

So I found a solution on my page from a comment on how to fix those crashing apps installed with 25pp, further I did investigation on the Chinese site of 25pp and got to know that this fix will definitely work!

See the attached images below for the solution.

Connect your iPhone/iPod make sure iTunes is closed and the software 25pp is running!


After performing above 3 steps, your crashing apps will be fixed on your device!


Tutorials Windows 8

What to do when you can’t open any .exe file

Today I was working on windows 8 themes, I don’t know what I did but after sometime I was unable to open Applications (.EXE files)
That seriously banged my head!I looked over internet but was unable to find a solution, I wanted a quick fix.
I wasn’t able to open programs like Control Panel, CMD, taskmanager, regedit and even more..
So randomly I found something.This is a .reg file I crated and will surely fix the launch of .exe application.
Basically what this .reg file will do is unregister any program associated with .exe applications thus making default app to associate with .exe.
Just a small utility which will surely help you out and will save your time!



Create a free virtual drive with 15gb storage on windows

Some might know about this already but for those who don’t know about this , don’t worry I’ll tell you that how can you make a virtual drive on windows with 15gb of storage for free!


  • Gmail Account
  • Internet connectivity.
  • GMail Drive (software)

How this works?

The software create a virtual drive on you computer with 15gb of storage, the logic behind this is the gmail provides 15gb of storage amount for everyone who uses Gmail.The software is unofficial but you can use it without worrying.Just login to you gmail account and you can start storing files on virtual drive.To access the files you can goto gmail account in your browser and you will find a mail which will have the download link.

You can access the files anywhere!

I recommend to create a new gmail account because your existing gmail account would have used some storage so if you want full 15gb create a new gmail account! 🙂


Download the software below: