Customize Win+X Power User Menu

Extend Win X MenuOn windows 8 and 8.1,there’s a cool feature that when you press Win+X key a menu pop’s up on the bottom left.It has several useful links like Desktop,Command Propmpt etc.

Using Winaero’s software you can add your own options in this menu like I’ve done ( check image ).

This software works on windows 8 and 8.1 both x64 and x86 windows.

This is a freeware tool and the current version is

Win+X Menu Editor serves to provide you a simple and useful way to edit Win+X menu without system files modification in Windows 8. It keeps untouched your system integrity.
With Win+X Menu Editor you’ll able:

  • to add new items.
  • to remove any item of Win+X menu.
  • to change display name of any item of Win+X menu.
  • to reorder Win+X menu items.

Get this software here


Watch it in action:


Make windows explorer look like Chrome Browser

1Recently I came across  a nice software Clover. What it does is make the windows explorer look like chrome browser.There is a settings icon on top left plus there are new tabs options which are for new windows.The developer says that it uses the same files which chrome browser does.

In short if you ‘lil bored with your windows interface then try this out.. 🙂

Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
English / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 / 日本語 / Français / Español / Deutsch / Nederlands / Português



Convenient Tab page

Just remember that Ctrl + T to open the page, and Ctrl + W to close the page, Ctrl + Tab to switch pages, the work efficiency far more than doubled!
Seamless integration with operating system
Clover was integrated into Windows Explorer, to keep your usual habits, without having to learn new file management operation.
Lightning-fast bookmarks bar
Press Ctrl + D to bookmark the current path, or drag the folder into the bookmarks bar. No need to look for the folder around, instant reach, how happy!

Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8

The best part is that this also has theme’s for it! Yes! You can customize it with themes!



Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
English / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 / 日本語 / Français / Español / Deutsch / Nederlands / Português – See more at:

Dual boot any 2 operating systems!

Today I am gonna tell you that how you can take control over your bootloader and set whatever operation system you would like to boot.I am damn sure you would have installed multiple operating systems but failed to have both in bootloader.The tool that we will use is EasyBCD.

It’s pretty nice, simple,handy tool which will help to set boot option.In general this will help to add multiple booting options in bootloader.

EasyBCD is a powerful bootloader-modification tool that has a wide-range of applications and usages. It can perform a variety of tasks ranging in complexity and application from the most basic to advanced and highly-customizable features.

Please use EasyBCD with care, it’s a powerful tool that you can either make your life a lot easier or make it rather miserable by letting you shoot yourself in the foot.







Tools Windows 8

How to patch windows 8 to use custom Themes: UltraUX Theme Patcher

uxultraThis is a tut on how to enable custom 3rd party themes on windows8.

You can ‘t use the custom themes on windows8 PC until and unless few .dll files are patched!

So the the software to patch the dll’s is UltraUX Theme Patcher.It supports all OS’s from XP to windows 8.1 both x86 and x64 bit version!

It’s damn simple, you dont need to do anything just install using setup and done! Now your are ready to install custom themes on windws 8/8.1 PC.!




Tools Tutorials

How to change Hard Disk Icon

hard drive icon changerHey guys! Today I will tell you that how can you change your hard drive icon with an ease.

The tool I will be using is Drive Icon changer by Redmondpie. It’s so simple to use.

Just select your drive from drop down menu, it will show all the available drives.

Then after selecting the drive, select the drive icon by clicking on that select icon which will open a browse windows.Select a standard .ico format file for you Hard disk.

Then just click on save! Done! You will notice the changed icon.You can revert back to original icon anytime by using this tool only!


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Give a new look to your windows start menu: Start Menu Reviver

I just accidentally got to know about this but I was amazed when I used it! It’s simply awesome, it will totally change the look of your windows start menu and is totally compatible with Windows 7 and 8.

and it’s even Touchscreen-Friendly!!


  • Bring back and enhance the Start Menu.
  • Launch desktop and metro apps.
  • Truly touchscreen-friendly.
  • No cost! Totally FREE! start

What Developers say about this:

It’s more intuitive, more functional and more customizable than any other product on the market. Start Menu Reviver is the ONLY solution that is truly touchscreen-friendly and ABSOLUTELY FREE.

system requirements

Windows 7,8
CPU: 1 Ghz or higher

Hard Disk Space: 20 MB

See it in action:

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Tools Tutorials

Enable Dreamscene(video wallpapers) on windows 7


You would be knowing that you can easily unlock vista(some versions) and xp for video wallpapers but there’s a trick for windows 7 users.dreamsceneseven

There was a feature in few vista versions which allowed to use videos as desktop wallpaper

You can use the software called Dreamscene Seven.

With this you can use any .wmv or .mpeg format file as a desktop background.Its very easy to install and takes only few kbs of disc space. 🙂

After the program is downloaded, it is necessary to run the file with administrative privileges (right button click is the run as Administrator). Then you have to select the button Install DreamScene.
Now a new item “Set as Desktop Background” will
appear in the Video File Context Menu, with the help of which it can be set as a desktop background.videowall


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Vista Style Builder For windows 8 (outdated)

OUTDATED!! Get the new one Here

Vista style builder or Windows style builder for windows 8 was out a ‘lil months ago but it’s still Beta which means it gives no guarantee that it will work but you can try outwsb8 the beta. They will not provide you the beta version until and unless you have purchased a key but I am sharing the cracked version here.

This version has removed the support for vista. Here is the release notes:

Just as a precaution, create a system restore before using this build. WinLogon and/or DWM is really fussy in Windows 8 and could lead to problems.

The following has been disabled as it either doesn’t work at all or causes issues:

1. Importing XP, Vista

XP and Vista themes have not yet been implemented.

2. Help Pane

The old pre 1.3 help dialog has been restored.

3. Localizations

Will need to be updated for the new EXE.

Anyways you can download the software below for free! Full version cracked!