Alienware Evolution

Finally after some hard work i am done with my new theme Alienware Evolution. Hope you like my work! :popcorn: Wanna say a big thanks to all my friends who’s work has inspired me.:party:


Windows 8 Version Is Here

: : Includings : :


  • Visual Style with a unique installer.
  • New Custom Sounds
  • 5 wallpapers + logon screen.
  • Cursors+ Fonts
  • Rainmeter Skins.
  • Dock Skin+ dock icons.
  • Required tools.
  • 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.
  • Shellbrd Orb, basebrd.dll & Timedate.cpl
  • 7tsp Alienware breed icon pack.


Creadits : :iconsubmicron:::iconjj-ying::iconld-jing::iconradvisual:  :iconmrgrim01: and many more.. thanks to all :woohoo:

I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect and say thanks by donating some points to me so that i may offer themes like these in future also! So please help me! :doh: Further the more you fave and more you commnet, the more i become happier! :airborne::party:




Download Link:



Alternate Download Link

Manual theme files are Here

  • sagethdbz

    i cant

  • Joey Bart


  • shivaji

    does this work for win 7??

  • Ash h

    does not work wouldn’t install came up with windows can not open file then Norton deleted it

  • Chad Warden

    This definitely works! I was being dum dum and installing the W7 version XD. Fantastic job dude and my pc isn’t even slowing down.

  • Scallen Bockovnot

    no download link?

  • Michael Yunker

    Do you have a vesion for vista?

  • Johann Jude

    no “search” ?? on start menu? please help

  • Duy Dao

    why can’t i press your button to unlock?

  • Glenn Sustituido Condes


  • Rick Gillette

    This is one of my favorite custom themes available this is amazing

  • Hey, nice theme you have… well, i have a problem with the theme i did patched my windows 8 and i did installed it but… why is my bar is not changing.. its only the same… look at this:

  • zedrick fabella

    mr. blade please patch a 8.1 version of this tnx.

  • Radka Patková

    Hello, I installed all files (Theme Patcher, Theme resource changer), and it all work fine, except pictures next to the “START” (on the picture). Can you help me, where is mistake, please? 🙂

  • Joshua Barros

    how i can download and install alienware evolotion in my windows8 pc

  • Bjben

    thanks ! somuch

  • David Salazar

    hello how do I get all the icons of this evolution alienware theme installed on my windows 8.1 to install the theme but the icons are not installed? Thanks ……..

  • Shawn Hampton

    I need help ASAP please. I installed it in my brand new alienware 14 and now i only have a black screen. I can’t do anything with my computer at all and have to go offshore for a month tomorrow. Please help.

  • aaroncharles

    how big is this .rar please reply fast

  • Kevin Alien

    i can’t download it… couze my internet use Open DNS and i can’t hack that things… plezz use a unblock link … i very like your theme… plezz do it quickly…tq

  • helmi

    it’s awesome..thank a lot…very nice mr blade….

  • Snypesin

    I found a glitch with this mod, and im having problems with the time / date mod.

    Glitch…when i installed this my taskbar was/is on the side of my screen and after install i tried to move it and explorer.exe crashed/restarted. i tried 3x and same result…so i cant move my taskbar.

    Problem…i installed the time/date file but when i click on the clock it doesnt do anything like pop up as its supposed to (related to my taskbar problem?)….

    other than that I LOVE IT!!! ‘>.<'

    • Snypesin

      I managed to temp fix my task-bar problem by switching to default theme moving it then changing theme back.

  • 3hotln

    It’s so awesome! Thanks alot.

  • daniel

    does it work on windows 8.1 ???????

  • bangaibange

    office text missing

    • Miki Mouse

      that why im not using black theme… hahaha

  • Mr.X

    great ! keep working ….

  • Nisar Ahmed

    your all themes are best

  • Nisar Ahmed

    Thanks Mr Blade. i like it

  • Satheesh

    Hello Mr Grim,

    First of all a great great great thumbs up for ur excellent work. But i would like to point a small glitch there in ur theme. By correcting it i think you can make it perfect.

    The sharetech font used here has the said glitch. Some combined letters appear as just mere “.”. That is for “Office” it appears “Of.ce” and for “files” it appears “.les”. You can see it in the post of Hafiz apis were “open a library to see your files” appears as “open a library to see your .les”. Please do find a solution for this… So that that you can boast of the best theme ever made. Thumbs up once again. I have included my screen shots here were the glitches are seen.

    Files as .les
    Office as of.ce
    Offline as of.ine

    Thank you.

  • Kim Perry

    It really is a nice set, Could this be made in the different colors offered with alienware computers. I look forward to your next release.

  • Louise Renson Salvana Bacomo

    i cant properly install my alienware revolution.. :(…. Help!!

  • zakwan

    can you make videos about this?

  • Nik the Greek

    Nice job but VIRUS!!! Win32 Malware gen incuded on download!!!

  • Philip Merritt

    thank you very awesome, great work

  • hafiz apiz

    As you can folder dont have the cool thing on left/right or upper/lower at the folder like the 1 you have what can i do to get ’em?? (sorry for bad english)

    • Harley Fretwell

      Did u patch and install the universal theme changer?

  • rezki

    is the best (y)

  • Ejay Asaula

    Is this really working ?

    • Admin_Mrblade

      now what that means? 😐

  • Javan St Juste


    • Admin_Mrblade

      glad you liked! enjoy..

  • Llara-Juniae

    As usual, SPECTACULAR!!. I love my Windows 8 since I’ve got your Alienware, so thanks a lot!!!

    • MrBlade

      Your most welcome , glad you liked 😉

    • Admin_Mrblade

      your most welcome 🙂

  • michael

    After download that what should I suppose to do?

  • rossy

    i cant install rocketdock

    • Admin_Mrblade

      copy the rocketdock skin folder to C:Program filesRocketdockSkins
      then apply the skin from rocketdock settings

  • Rob Rahmlow

    great job man loveing every mint of it and how old r u? if u are 15 or 16 u have wonderful talent and keep up the great work man great JOB and can u get the cursors also for an download plz and thankyou and plz give me a link for them plz and thank you because the cursor for the eclips is not working at the moment man plz and thank you that would be great

  • Call of duty

    best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    real evelution..

  • ~Paradoxify~

    After installing the Theme, My Microphone doesn’t work anymore. when i call someone on Skype, he just hear the Sound of my PC. I tried audio configuration too, but there is no Sound Recording.. What to do??

    • MrBlade

      Mate it’s just a co-incidence, my software doesn’t patch any kind of .dll file so it’s almost impossible that this will make your microphones not work!

  • sidv-htid

    You my good sir (Mr Blade) are a legend 😀

    • MrBlade

      Thanks for that much respect, I hope you enjoyed my work. 😉

    • Admin_Mrblade


  • ASB753

    PLEASE upload Manual Files !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLAESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love your themes PLEASE

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Ok wait! 🙂

      • ASB753

        Thanks Man

  • Orion Dwi Saputra

    You’re the best (:

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Thanks bro! 😀

  • ASB753

    PLEASE upload Manual Files PLAESE BRO THANX 🙂

  • Jesse Moore

    dude soon i can get some cash on CC you will be geting donation from me thank you btw

    • Ħåŕsimran Singh

      Thanks for that! 🙂

  • Miro

    Blade how can i remove the Alienware Evolution 1.00 to my Programs ?! I’ve done Uninstalling it but nothing happen !! Please Help me !! BTW nice theme Good Job !! Thanks.

    • MrBlade

      Manually remove all Alienware Evolution files from C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

  • kimuzini321

    hey, this theme is awesome.
    buat igot one question.
    can you explain how to apply the dock???

    • MrBlade

      Yeah, you need rocketdock installed. Copy the dock theme files to C:\Program Files\Rocketdock\Skins

      After that goto dock settings and then apply the theme from there.

  • Akshay

    Hey Can you Make Theme For Windows 8 Pro???
    These themes are most amazing…
    I love them all….
    It will be great if you creat it..

    • Mr Blade

      in future i will…

      • Akshay

        i Need it within 1 week…
        can’t you do it?????
        please help.

        • Mr Blade

          no i cant because there is no stable version of vista style builder for windows 8

  • leo

    Nvm guys i got it somehow…Looks great :DD

  • leo

    the theme is great but i cant make it work fine the half of the text is missing and is not blue and the start bar is not like on the screenshot
    if anyone could help

    • Mr Blade

      send me a screenshot..

      • ASB753


  • oesilihc

    this is an excellent theme. Thanks my dear friend.

  • jimmy

    How do I install it in my lenevo PC.. help

  • NeoCorpse

    Holy crap this skin is sweet! Thank you for taking the time and effort to develop it like it should have been!

    • gary john

      amazing theme wicked ty

      • Mr Blade


  • dude i have to try this awesome theme but i have some problem . . .
    can u explain how to change separator and backroung.png to me? 😀

    • Mr Blade

      are you talking about the dock skin??

      • check the FB message sir 😀

  • adik76

    my location is KSA and the LINK is dead can you PLS give other LINKS…t.y.

    • Mr Blade

      both the links are working i tested them now.. try link to its updated!

  • george

    this is my first time changing theme.. hope it works! nice work btw :))

  • shadydeath999

    Hey dude, can you make a Razer theme? I love all your work especially this one and i would be so happy if i see you made a Razer theme 🙂

  • ress

    sir, i installed the theme and my microsoft office changed into black, is there any way to recover this?

  • silentground

    sorry bother you … there is a setting to view the folders or the browser semitransparent? i mean to see the desktop background in the same time (sorry about my english …)

  • silentground

    WOW!!! looks amazing, Mr Blade! superb work! i’m not a native english speaker so my works may be poor but i really appreciate your work!!!

    best wishes!

  • silentground

    hihihi … MyColors is a theme manager for themes also from Stardock

    before i discover your beautiful work i got another theme Alienware Breed

    never mind … not i got your super cool theme and i must restart

    will see after … i will let you know

    thank you for the quick answer … That says a lot about you (in a good way)

    hugs from Romania!

  • silentground

    hi! just wanted to say thank you for your work! looks amazing!!!

    if im aloud, i have a question please … what program need to install this skin?

    i have ”MyColors” but not sure will work …

    please let me know

    thank you much

    • Mr Blade

      you don’t need any software to use it! Its a Windows 7 theme and i didn’t got you? You have MyColors? What the hell is that?

  • NukeToxic

    It is awesome.but some of the text is like missing :O I wanted to add some advanced settings at firewall and i couldt see what to chose or where is new rule 🙁 How to fix ?

  • wenz

    sooooo coool


  • alex

    if I were to un-install this, how would I do it?

    • Mr Blade

      manually remove ALienware Evolution files from C:WindowsResourcesThemes

  • Yosshi


  • Wow that’s some niffty craftsmanship buddy.

    • Mr Blade

      thanks brother… 😀

  • ysd

    Classsssssssssssssssssssss theme best ever seen thank you

    • Mr Blade

      hell yeah!

      • Naveen Kumar

        Please make all theme compatible for WINDOWS 8