Alienware Evolution Windows 8

Update 07/16/2015Alienware Evolution 8

  • Fixed Colors
  • Fixed Start Menu
  • Fixed Taskmanager
  • Fixed Colorization Color
  • New cleaned setup

This package is only for Windows 8 & 8.1, windows 7 version is Here

: : Includings : :

  • Visual Style with a unique installer.
  • New Custom Sounds
  • wallpapers
  • Cursors+ Fonts
  • Rainmeter Skins.
  • Dock Skin+ dock icons.
  • Required tools.

I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect and make a donation to me so that i may offer themes like these in future also!
So please help me! :doh:

Download Link:



Alternate Download Link

  • 9/11 Foretold

    Thank you for making such an incredible Theme. White backgrounds hurt my eyes, and you have made that painful feeling evaporate. The Rocketdock Skin and custom sounds are great too!

  • Ikhwanul Hakim

    Excuse me, Mr Blade
    I want to ask you about installing this theme
    because i’m afraid of black screen
    so, after i installed this theme should i switch my theme to default before i restarting my pc?
    please reply

  • benji

    it looks nothing like it dose in the pics

    • iammrblade

      did you patch your system ?

  • FlappyBerd

    always loved HUD and alienware designs.. keep it up sir. 🙂

  • Fleibemdrii Marguteir

    Thanks Bro. I hope it will work flawlessly

  • Chad Warden

    I am now getting this error when I’m trying to use the updater “An error occurred when trying to copying the file: ‘Ubuntu.tff’, leaving parts of the interface still white. Please look into this problem.

    • iammrblade

      It’s just a font, if it isn’t copying then download and install it manually.

  • irfat

    hello.. I downloaded this theme and installed it. I followed all instruction but still cant patch it right.. it show white part on personalise and control panel. please help what can I do?
    thank you

  • Yamin

    How to change the fonts?

  • Fleibemdrii Marguteir
  • Chad Warden

    Feedback. Please read.

    A little warning for Windows 8 users. Windows has been releasing constantly security updates, which is bad for any themes installed for our OS system.
    When you got everything installed, make sure to fix your shell files before installing any update or you might encounter a black screen next time you restart after the update is installed, that will obligate you to refresh your pc, removing every program installed, including this theme. To fix your shell files to default(which are the ones that the patcher “UltraXThemePatcher” modifies), simply write and run sfc/scannow in your Command prompt. This will execute a search and fix in key files of your operating system. Once its finished, it will tell you about the shell files that were changed. Press OK, restart and your theme will no be there, which is fine for the update(I recommend uninstalling the Theme and its update on the remove Programs section of Windows, before fixing shells). Once you update Windows, again run the “UltraXthemePatcher”, select the theme on Personalization or install again and your done.

    If your kind of lost with the sfc/scannow here’s a site with easy steps:

    Hope this helps. I don’t want anyone else going through this like I did, at least you learn something!
    If got any questions, feel free to reply.

    Good night.

    • iammrblade

      you are obviously correct , you only need to remove ulrataux theme patcher and switch to default aero theme 🙂
      Sfc /scannow will also do the work but do cross check that you have switched to default windows aero theme before restarting your system.

      • MK

        this is it.. I download theme from here… ignore my mail.. sorry. I have download a theme call (Xux Ek) but the sap thing happened to me as Chad Warden described… then I restore my laptop, actually I did 3 times but then I thought it was something wrong with the theme.. so I decided to not to install it.. i will try to do this steps.. but not sure I would be success… if any prob i will mal u if u don’t mind.. thank you…

        • Chad Warden

          Hi MK,

          Did you check profoundly that this “Xux Ek” theme, was for Windows 8? If you install a Windows 7 theme it can severely damage your computer if its with Windows 8.

          • MK

            its for win 8,,, I am using win 8.1…..from.
            and I downloaded this one it says for win 8 and 8.1 so..

          • Chad Warden

            Mmm. I tried my self to install a theme for Win 8/8.1, but it did not do anything and it came one time that Windows started with a black screen. Though the video only says to extract etc, they don’t mention the Shell Patcher that mostly everyone uses on Deviantart. Did you try to install this theme by just using the Shell Patcher for the Alienware theme and then installing the Xux theme? I will try it myself and let you know if it worked.

          • MK

            hey there… well I have tried the link the one I gave u…. first I install UXstyle…. then I install UltraUXThemePatcher_2.4….. after that I istall Alienware Eclips and then I install xux ek Blue… well after installing xux ek there was a prob. example if I open personalise a whit part appears left side of the personalise win.. to solve it, I installed Ribbon disablerX64 to reject all whiteness…. it worked just fine….. I did have updates for win… first I only un-installed UltraUXThemePatcher_2.4 then I applied arrow theme (that’s part of a win it self) then I when ahead updated win…. I didn’t hade any prob having a black screen no more… it works fine….

          • Chad Warden

            Ahh see? Installing first the way it works for the Alienware since it is up date. Maybe the Uxstyle patcher of the video is outdated and the UltraUx solved it, yet the Ribbon disabler works works perfectly. I am glad it worked out for you.

          • iammrblade

            So I’ve been reading your comments and want to explain you that why black screen happens.When you update your system and you have applied a custom theme then 101% after restart you will find a black srcreen.Basically you have to switch to default theme before updating system.Same thing with uninstalling ultra ux theme patcher.You have to switch to default aero theme before uninstalling.
            The guy above told that he had white part in personalization.It’s because his theme doesn’t support OldNewExplorer and custom shellstyle

          • Chad Warden

            I see. So by just changing everything to default after an update, everything should be fine? That’s why you added the update for the 8.1 Alienware theme since it gave the white parts on personalization,etc.

          • iammrblade

            Yes,I added the update for the start screen context menu on windows 8.1.1 and the previous 1 mb update added support for OldNewExplorer that’s why you see images in personalization and control panel instead of white.

          • Chad Warden

            I can’t wait to learn how you did all of this magnificent work. It has to be pretty fun, yet hard designing all the interface from scratch. Thanks for your responses.

          • MK

            hi Chad Warden… ya I did it this way… well the main website of the xux ek theme we have to pay.. but the one I have is free.. so its a same as win 8.. still I am happy with what I got….. and you have seen my screen shot, there is mirror.. well I didn’t get that from part of the xux ek theme.. I got a software from third party…. so ya I am happy what I got…

          • Chad Warden

            Glad it worked out, but also be careful with that Xux theme. When I first downloaded, Malwarebytes detected a Bank Spyware.

          • MK

            hey there… well I don’t have virus prom.. but I do admit that xux ek do have some probs…..

            the first time when I install xux ek black bake in 3 or 4 month a go… first time I installed it I had a pro with sound… example:- sound was mute in window media player, some website (NOT YouTube) and text to speech, even though the sound was on 100% loud… then after that I refreshed my win then I installed it again it was working fine….

            but now I have a same prob with text to speech only.. I do use “ivona text to speech” software but the sound its not coming out.. I tried to apply “Arrow” theme but that don’t work ether….
            I have to refresh the win again… but u see I am hesitant to do so… because I might get prob with installing UXstyle…. caz I had that prob before, it couldn’t install,,,,,,,,,, it sais “uh oh, something whet wrong”….
            if that happens again, that’s it,,, I cant installing this alienware theme…. I need UXstyle so this theme get applies perfectly,,,,,,,, u see I had this prob before so I don’t want to refresh my win…… I seriously don’t know what to do…… :S

          • MK

            hey there… ya I took your advice when you reapplied to Chad Warden the first time… you said to un-install patch and apply Arrow theme… so I did the same…. that’s how I knew what you are trying to say…. switching default theme the win will update just fine…… thanks for your advice….

          • iammrblade

            uninstalling the patch doesn’t matters I guess.Just switch to aero theme before installing update and restarting the system.

          • MK

            o I see… so un-installing patch,, well its not necessary… but still I don’t want to tack risk to not to un-install… I might get black screen…. lool…. so I tack precaution before update…. 😀

          • iammrblade

            I have been installing updates on my windows 8.1 laptop from the very beginning with ultra ux theme patcher installed.
            I always switch to aero theme before installing update and I have never received a black screen on my laptop till now.

          • MK

            oh I see now.. so its confirm that no need to un-install.. thanks there… tc bye 😀

          • Chad Warden

            That theme does not work on Windows 8.1, my friend. I followed the video through, and still gave away a version for 8 and the theme on my OS did not change like it happened when I first tried to install the Alienware theme but was making a mistake choosing the Win 8 version instead of the Win 8.1 on this page. My advice is for you to install this theme, which I will give the link on the bottom of this reply and made by by the same creator, which is fully compatible for 8.1. Remember that these security updates update shell files as well, meaning that if the user does not update the theme it won’t work.


            P.S If you read the comments in this video, you will notice that people are this waiting for a 8.1 of the blue version theme you want to install.

            Hope it helps.

  • wow this is a incredible job done on a style for win8/8.1 thank you hehe?!!

  • Chad Warden

    Btw dude, the updater worked like a charm. Thank you very much for your hard work and consideration for giving this to us for free.

  • Allan Roberto

    does it work on windows 8.1 x64?

  • Michael Yunker

    i don’t see a download link for this theme

    • Allan Roberto

      Like the facebook page in order to show the download link

  • Mahmud Rezon

    why it doesn’t work on windows 8 x64?

  • Steffen Jarmuske

    Dont work right on Windows 8.1 Update 1. On Metro Screen you have no function on right klick.

  • Vortex M.

    Were do i find the Icons, it seems the were moved from the download dir. but i cant find them anywhere ? Oo

  • Mystry Shidhadh


  • Why when i install the theme, it dint change my borders… please help me… i really want to use this theme….

  • Rafael

    how I change my taskbar too?

  • WitasX

    Thank you Mr Blade

  • Mohammad Imtianul Haque Dimik

    thanks 🙂 Any plan to add more icons of Drives and Folders………………..

  • barrakhousein

    why the update is not working?

    • barrakhousein

      on windows 8.1

      • Admin_Mrblade

        whats the problem?

        • barrakhousein

          its said.cannot install font

          • Mohammad Imtianul Haque Dimik

            I installed a while ago without any problem. I opened it as Administrator (right click)

  • Patrick

    It will not allow me to run the setup

  • Joseph Ford

    This theme is just EPIC!!!
    Would you mind if I showcase this on my Youtube channel?

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Yes you can! 😀

      • Joseph Ford

        Thank you, as you can see by my channel, it’s not something that I do, but this theme is just so epic!