Star Tech

Finally after a short break from themeing, I present my latest creation Star Tech
This theme took a great time of mine! and was possible due to regards and wishes of all my friends on DA and creativx.
Hope you like my work! :popcorn:

Wanna say a big thanks to all my friends who’s work has inspired me ! :party:

: : Includings : :

:bulletblack: Visual Style with a unique installer.
:bulletblue: New Custom Sounds
:bulletblack: 3 wallpapers.
:bulletblue: Cursors+ Fonts
:bulletblack: Logon Screen
:bulletblue: Dock Skin
:bulletblack: Required tools.
:bulletblue: 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.
:bulletblack: Shellbrd orb + timedate.cpl

I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect and say thanks by donating some points to me so that i may offer themes like these in future also!
So please help me! :doh:

Further the more you fave and more you commnet, the more i become happier! :airborne::party:



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  • Daniel Choutka

    Hi! I know this theme is old, but can you please update fonts? There are missing some of ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉŤ
    The worst is Š and Ě with Ř

  • Gilson Animes


  • dextersum2

    sir how can isee those fonts/chracters with black background /interface. Im using your AW Evo.It seems hard to read on other applications. pls. help me about this. tnx in advance mr-blade. i will try also your star tech but ill fix this one first.:)

  • dlonyeryan

    A Masterpiece dude 🙂

  • Eroyce Escalante

    2 thumbs up bro!..

  • Eroyce Escalante

    Mr.blade.. can i have a request?? can you please make another 1? but the thme color is green!!?? ^_^ hopefully my request will b granted.. btw here’s my email just send it here!.. [email protected]

  • Headbanger

    Awesome stuff. thumbsup 🙂

    • MrBlade

      Thanks mate! 😀

      • Headbanger

        Hello there it´s me again. Since I tried to get another skin, called the Alienware Evolution one everything worked fine. But while I tried to replace the Alienware Evolution Skin (I recognized, to redo all that stuff like deinstalling Theme Resource Patcher, also deinstalled the complete theme manually and from Pc directly) with the Star Tech Skin, an error appeared:

        (I´ll try to translate, cause im running Win7 in German Language)

        Skript (Script): C:\Windows\Resources\themes\Startech\Fonts\Fonts.vbs
        Zeile (Line): 7
        Zeichen (character): 1
        Fehler (error): Objekt erforderlich: ´objFolder´
        Code: 800A01A8
        Quelle (source): Laufzeitfehler in microsoft VBScript

        I uploaded an Screenshot for you so you can see it.

        • MrBlade

          where’s the screen shot? and mate there’s no need to uninstall theme resource changer and theme patcher

        • MrBlade

          Don’t you worry about that , it’s a script for installing fonts only.If you find such error then you can manually install the fonts from

          • Headbanger

            WTF? Awesome stuff. It worked. Thanks so much. Im thinking about buying an really nice skin you made. I´ll do a recommendation to this skins. 🙂 thank you very much MrBlade.

            greetings Headbanger

          • MrBlade

            Thanks for that dude! Enjoy the stuff 🙂

  • roser flame

    star tech is really cool theame, thanks mr.blade

    • Mr Blade

      your welcome…

  • Hello Mr Blade I like your theme I have one question though I am using the black enhance program but it dosent work when I hit save and restart my pc

    • Mr Blade

      i cannot solve your problem with this much information, tell me more or seems problem with your black glass.. when you re run it everthing is fine?

      • i got one problem your download dont work can u plz fix thx man i like your work

        • Mr Blade

          links fixed…