It’s FREE now!

So Finally my  first premium theme series is ready. 😀
Hope you like my work! :popcorn: and you all will respect the copyright!

Wanna say a big thanks to all my friends who’s work has inspired m.:party:Reactor_X

Some cool wallpapers were found on google dont know about the author but yeah i am glad to find those wall’s and want to thank the author of the work, i”ll add up there name here if  i got to know about the author 😀

: : Includings : :

  • Visual Style with a unique installer.
  • New Custom Sounds
  • 4 wallpapers + logon screen.
  • Cursors+ Fonts
  • Rainmeter Skins.
  • Dock Skin+ dock icons.
  • Required tools.
  • 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.
  • 7tsp Custom Icon Pack.


I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect , purchase the theme and do not upload it for free, its criminal act if you do so, strict actions will be taken!

Further the more you fave and more you commnet, the more i become happier! :airborne::party:






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  • Raul Guerrero Carrasco

    I installed it, but taskbar and color scheme don’t load correctly.

  • iSprice

    Are there icons for other programs like PhotoShop,Google Chrome,Etc.Can some one please tell me.Because when I install the icon pack with 7tsp not all application icons change.Overall this is THE BEST FREE Theme I ever downloaded,#DONATED

  • Gian Cortes

    where is the download link? please help

  • Tyrone Herod O Dyogi

    where is the download link? please help

  • Mystry Shidhadh

    I got a problem. . . . after restarting, it gets stuck on a black screen and I had to restore the laptop 🙁

  • Mystry Shidhadh

    the theme doesnt seem to be right. . . . . . the looks of the folders and stuff didnt change :/

    • Roger Phillips

      Hi, I Know Your Problem, You Need Uxtheme Search it on youtube

  • Mystry Shidhadh

    where is the download link?

  • Nolan Sherwood

    Not stuck, downloads fine. Thanks for making it free! Like the other guy said, unbeatable!

  • Kevin Alien

    I’ve problem to download it… Its always stuck at 11.5mb….. what the hell is that..? i hve no idea…

  • Snypesin

    i found a glitch with this mod, and im having problems with the time / date mod.

    Glitch…when i installed this my taskbar was/is on the side of my screen and after install i tried to move it and explorer.exe crashed/restarted. i tried 3x and same result…so i cant move my taskbar.

    Problem…i installed the time/date file but when i click on the clock it doesnt do anything like pop up as its supposed to (related to my taskbar problem?)….

    other than that I LOVE IT!!! ‘>.<'

  • syntipid

    the best theme ever!

  • ASB753

    can you PLEASE upload the manual files for this theme !!!!!!!!!!PLAESE!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!

  • ASB753

    can you PLEASE upload the manual files for this theme !!!!!!!!!!PLAESE!!!!!!!!

  • may i share this at my blog?

    • MrBlade

      Yeah sure! but do link it back! 🙂

  • may i share this theme at my blog?

  • Headbanger

    Awesome Theme. Guys, get this thems from him. Unbeatable

    • MrBlade


  • Bill

    I want to buy it before, but the page paiement are not secured !

    • MrBlade

      It was “Secure”, the payment was processed through paypal gateway which was secure.

      • Gabe

        could you do something like this for the iphones?? this is amazing man.

    • MrBlade

      anyways you can download it now for free!