Reactor-X Blue

Finally it’s FREE now!

So Finally my first premium theme series is ready. 😀
Hope you like my work! :popcorn: and you all will respect the copyright!

Wanna say a big thanks to all my friends who’s work has inspired m.:party:

Some cool wallpapers were found on google don’t know about the author but yeah i am glad to find those wall’s and want to thank the author of the work, i”ll add up there name here if i got to know about the author 😀

: : Includings : :

:bulletblack: Visual Style with a unique installer.
:bulletblue: New Custom Sounds
:bulletblack: 4 wallpapers + logon screen.
:bulletblue: Cursors+ Fonts
:bulletblack: Rainmeter Skins.
:bulletblue: Dock Skin+ dock icons.
:bulletblack: Required tools.
:bulletblue: 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.
:bulletblack:7tsp Custom Icon Pack.


I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect , purchase the theme and do not upload it for free, its criminal act if you do so, strict actions will be taken!

Further the more you fave and more you comment, the more i become happier! :airborne::party:




Alternate Download Link



    awesome themes

  • Zulfikar Machmud

    holly shit I loved it!!!

  • Justin Collins

    Can anyone tell me how to change the settings so it doesn’t affect my Microsoft applications (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint)?

  • Lumino

    Wow thank you very much for making the rad theme free! Very much appreciated… Very much respected…


    thanks for the theme !

  • Keenan Holtvoigt

    Installed the theme, and it’s awesome. Thanks for all the hard work. I do have one issue that I’m hoping you can help me sort out. It seems that my login/input boxes (ie username & password) on Firefox are grey and the text must be the same color, making it impossible to see/read what I am inputting. How can I change the background for the input boxes back to white and the text back to black (or blue) so it is legible?

  • Note_Kick_Me

    does this screw my computer up or something? does it effect anything?

  • M Argus

    i am sorry. but i wanna ask you something. where is the download link. i can’t find it…

  • anista dc

    what is the passwonrd??

  • Roger Phillips

    Hi I LOVE your themes’ BUT on all of them it says the download is locked! “*wow I Must Sound Nooby*” he says to himself. Anyway Help Plz!

    • Wille Wanka

      like him on f/b the the d/l button will apper

  • Mystry Shidhadh

    but where is the download link?

  • Ghostiiq

    The mini apps not working..cpu watcher and etc. help?

  • Simona Kirsten Davies

    great theme thank you for that:)

  • Ollie Stokes

    why you say dock do you mean rocketdock? I saw some of your work on there

  • Chris

    Hello, I love your themes! Does this particular theme work on Windows 8/8.1 or is it exclusively for 7? Thank you for your hard work and great themes <3

  • gonzalo

    Heelo, it doesn’t work for me. I’m ussing Windows 8.1 rtm x64 and the theme not apply.
    I have the Windows patched with uxtheme.

  • Keyle Francine Datu Veridiano

    you say that
    Finally it’s FREE now! but why i have to put a key? pls help .

    • Keyle Francine Datu Veridiano

      ok nevermind,thanks again,haha,i think i just feel so excited when installing this so i dont see the notepad is there.haha! .

  • Sigga

    When I search in Start it doesn’t show the letters ? /:

  • Vincent

    I’m using a Windows 7 64-bit.

    A question; The start orb seems to be missing, and I’m not certain If I need to open up a folder that contains the icons then to use a program to actually place it on the computer – for example Danrockster’s themes, that’s how he uses them.

    -If this is supposed to be a Windows 8 theme then I get how there’s not supposed to be an icon.

    Also, There doesn’t seem to be a search bar when I click on the start orb and the menu pops up.
    Where the search bar’s supposed to be.. there’s a “REACTORX” logo, the X in a circle and it glows when you hover over it – it shows all the programs and folders that I’ve installed, just not the search bar.. It once glitched when I hovered over the Logo, and a white search bar appeared but.. yeah. It was just a glitch.

    This is a fine theme I must say, But I’m just slightly confused is all, hopefully you’ll be able to make more epic themes in the future!

  • Daniel Skylined

    Awesome themes!!!

  • Sayan Kumar Panna

    does it work with windows 8..??

  • noname

    Why did my laptop screen become black and white after i install the theme?..

  • Sh Ratul

    i cant see any dock on my screen, is it auto setup or i have to manually download it. reply soon

  • Hugh

    OK so I got your themes all running sweet. Awesome work by the way!!! Turned my computer on the next day and my start orb is back to normal… Now I have tried EVERYTHING to get it to change… uninstalled the theme then reinstall… completely removed all related files and restored registry edits through 7tsp then tried again but nothing. Please help?!!

  • Hunter1254

    Awesome theme!! XD good job Mr.Blade

  • syntipid


  • ASB753

    eye kandy!!!!!!!!!!

  • ASB753

    !!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME THEME!!!!!!!!!

  • ASB753


  • ASB753

    64 bit

  • ASB753

    i have windows 7 home premium

    • Ħåŕsimran Singh

      and your are saying that other custom themes are working? Try reactor-x or reactor-x red instead of blue.Then report me! I’ll help!

      • ASB753

        will do

      • ASB753


      • ASB753

        same happens

        • ASB753

          injected works as i said heres a screenshot

        • ASB753

          above=reactor x

        • Ħåŕsimran Singh

          uploaded manual theme files for reactor-x blue see the link below download now button, try it and report me! If it works then i”ll upload reactor-x and reactor-x red also!

          • ASB753

            downloading now thanx bro will tell you when done

          • ASB753

            !!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!
            THANX BRO:-)
            !!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY AWESOME THEME BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FLIPEN EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ASB753

            it worked can you please post the Manual theme files for Alienware Evolution and Reactor-X and Reactor-X Red !!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!

      • ASB753

        !!!!please help!!!!

  • ASB753


  • ASB753

    start menu+window borders + task bar doesent work but icons work though PLEASE FIX your outher theme injected capsule works so its not my system

    • Ħåŕsimran Singh

      Let me see, this doesnt looks your are running the theme on basic, try to reinstall, i”ll give it a check! No onle else reported this problem.

      • ASB753

        reinstallled does the same

      • ASB753

        Polaris Dyas reported similar problem

  • ASB753

    start menu+window borders + task bar doesent work but icons work though PLEASE FIX your outher theme injected capsule works so its not my system

  • IHaveNoName

    Can you make this a theme for people who have a jailbroken Apple device please. I really hope you do. And i also hope it will be free. 🙂

  • IHaveNoName

    Nice work though now i have all your themes you really rock 🙂

  • IHaveNoName

    Why did it say it was malicious ??????

    • MrBlade

      My program is not malicious, some aniviruses detect 7tsp, theme resource changer and universal theme patcher as malicious! But they don’t harm.

  • Jorge

    Thanks Mr Blade, is fantastic, hermoso tema.

    • MrBlade

      Your welcome 🙂

  • jondometita

    thank you Mr. Blade!You rock!

    • MrBlade

      I love these appreciations. 😉

  • Polaris Dyas

    Hi there! I just bought this theme and it’s stunning! Fab Job!! However, after using the installer my Minimise, Maximise and Close buttons arn’t showing. And neither is the cool pipe window border. I haven’t installed any of the extra’s. Thanks for another boss theme!!

    • Mr Blade

      please attach a screenshot , i”ll try to help.. 😀

  • saksouk

    fabulous job.thanks v.m

  • Increíble tema amigo de los mejores

    very nice your work fantastic

    • Mr Blade

      Thanks brother..

      • well how do i chance the log in screen when i buy this.

        • i mean how do i change the login screen.

          • Mr Blade

            there is a software and a logon screen image. Just use the software to change but if you failed to do so then you can try a manual method..