Nox iPack : Windows 7


windows 8/8.1 version is here

*Note: Since Windows 7 is more customizable than Win8, this iPack patches quite a few more system-files than the Win8 version does. Please report any bugs.

Included in the .zip you’ll find a text-file with instructions about re-naming both the included Nox Win7 iPack and the Reload Icons Cache tool. Due to deviantART’s policy concerning executable files, I’ve had to give this installer and the icon-reload tool the temporary “.ee” file extension. You’ll need to change that extension for both files to an “.exe”…so that the files will then become ‘Nox Win7 iPack.exe’ and ‘Reload Icons Cache.exe’…

Note: Please take the time to read through the License Information during setup, as there are some important tips along with other useful info.


  • Влад Анцыгин

    Beautiful work ,thank you ! don’t really like..

  • I tried to use this pack in a Windows 7 x64 machine. After installing it and restarting my Laptop i get the error message: “windows cannot connect to the system event notification service” This disables the custom Visual Style and messes up with other settings.

    After removing the pack it works perfectly again.

    Any advice?

    • iammrblade

      for the windows cannot connect to system event notification service error,I did a little research and found that it is generally caused by improper shutdown.
      The fix:
      Start computer in safe mode.

      logon on to administrator.

      Click the start button

      Search “cmd.exe”

      Select it and then “ctrl – shift – enter” to allow elevation request

      Type in – “netsh winsock reset” press enter

      Then Restart your computer
      And what else settings were messed up? Please be more specific.:)

      • I think the issue is related with this specific iPack.

        Days ago i installed neiio’s Blank icons iPack. It worked perfect but i removed it since i could not get used to it.

        Then i downloaded Nox iPack. Avast Antivirus wouldn’t let me extract the files, always removed the installer, even after i added it to the safe locations. To install it i had to disable my Antivirus Once installed i get asked to restart my computer, i accept then get a little message that windows will restart in less than a minute.

        Once i login again, windows Visual Style is disabled, it defaults to Classic style (the icon pack at this point works since it changed all the icons) then that notification about system event notification service error. If i tried to change it, it would tell me that i can’t do it. I did reboot my laptop few times and tried that method you listed in your reply, it did’t work so i removed the iPack and my system was working again…

        So i disabled again my antivirus and disabled UAC to install Nox iPack, after windows reboot i had my current visual style and Nox Icons installed. I thought that it worked this time but got the same notification about system event notification service error. I tried again using the method you listed and tried to “repair” the service with a Windows HotFix but it didn’t work… so i gave up on this iPack and removed it. My system is working again…

        Just to be sure i installed Blank Icons iPack again and it works perfect. Anyways, i’ll extract the RES files and remake it with iPack 2 i hope it fixes this issue.

        Sorry for this long long reply ;p

        • iammrblade

          thanks for the detailed information,it really helped me a lot.I guess there can be a problem to this iPack only as you are saying that other pack worked.You can try making yours and see if that works 🙂