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Install cracked apps without jailbreak on iOS 7


So finally iOS 7 was released yesterday, some appreciated and some were against it! I really loved it so updated immediately but after installing I was missing my cracked apps! :( So I had to find an alternative and I found something which was working!

Below is the step by step image guide , you can install cracked apps using this method on any iOS 4.3 to 7 without jailbreak!

Software download link is at the bottom of the post.

Fix for crashing apps is here

There was only 1 problem that I faced with this method.The problem was that previously I had downloaded many cracked apps .ipa from different sites, I couldn’t add them to this software.Whenever I added , this software said Verification failed! So you have to download the cracked apps from this software only!

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a tool which you have to give a try! It's a perfect alternative until a jailbreak for iOS7 is released! This tool really works and I am not kidding!

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  • Teuksora

    tried this software but the apps are not cracked. i tried pinball HD and phoenix wright. you’re merely downloading the free version but you still need in-app purchases.

  • James

    Go to
    Purchase iSignCloud Package
    Install AppAddict
    Enjoy Unlimited Free Paid Apps
    Done. That Easy!

  • Charles Chen

    I downloaded straight from the pp thing, but it still says application verification error

  • thisiswastingtime

    its fucking chinnese shit, i dont understand

  • venom

    Tongbu is much better.(in english to) :)

  • Mark Ceasar Arcilla

    working on ios 7.0.4.. thanks

  • Marc

    The link is broken

  • bot

    How about InstallProhibited?

  • hashmi

    it works on iphone 5 with ios 7.0.0 too

  • aebmyasz

    Works fine on my iPad 3 iOS 7.0.4!!!!

  • Trevelyan

    nice sharing dude.. finally i can install iDos for my program..

  • Miguel Solans

    Does it works on iPad?

  • Zomor

    to fix the crashing apps go to the iphone tab in PP assist and click on the green key

    • john

      what green botten

      • Zomor

        In the iphone tab

  • Dov

    Itunes wont let me sync after installing the apps.
    is there a way to fix it?

  • Anton Ralph Valenzuela

    Works great on iPhone 4 using iOS 7.0.4.

  • iosftw

    It works in IOS 7.0.4 great find!!!!

  • garry

    the apps are crashinggg

  • kimaera

    Work well on my iphone4S running ios 7.0.3..

    but after I tried updating my ‘legal’ apps in app store, every apps i installed from this software got crashed…
    Fortunately, tips from Skull (check below skull post for crashing app solution) works… So I am happy now. :D

  • Adam Son

    DAMN I DOWNLOADED BUT DIDN`T WORK , : error application verification error

  • aman

    error application verification error

  • aman

    is that working on iphone 5s ios 7.0.3

  • Mohd Fardeen

    can we install our own apps from this??

  • Roy

    does the fifa 14 here fully cracked? are all the game modes activated? e.g. manager mode, tournament etc.

  • Zahir

    after installing apps ,i cant sync with itunes,even my videos or music cany be synced,as it ask for authorization of computer for apps,

  • someone19999

    Why is it downloading so slow?

    • Brian Liu

      China shit

  • thazsar

    I just installed FantastiCal & Limbo on my ip5S w/ 7.0.3!!! Downloading Inf. Blade 3, now!

  • Skull

    Tested working on ios 7.0.3 iphone (check below my post for crashing app solution)

  • Richard

    7.0.3 Method

    “This works great for me, There aren’t as many apps as I would like (Productivity apps specifically){Games and Apps mostly Up to date} Worked on my Ipad mini running IOS 7.0.3


    There is a mac & windows version”

  • Leon Tech-Geek Adderley


    • Admin_Mrblade

      no there isn’t any english version :

  • P.Nha

    Do you have that software in mac version? :(

    • Admin_Mrblade

      The software is not by me! :( I don’t think there is a mac version

      • P.Nha

        Thx for your reply. I have one more question.

        Will this work on iPhone 5c IOS 7?

        • Admin_Mrblade

          Yes , just update to latest version

          • P.Nha

            oh.. I am on IOS 7.0… is that okay?

  • kromanjonac

    this download speed is so slow, if you want faster download speed download it from here (it also contains a better guide how to download apps)

  • wasimie

    wil it wOrk On iOS 7.0.2??

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Yeah! I am using on 7.0.2

      • Aaftab Sheikh

        I am using IOS 7.0.2 and I have installed few apps from PP Assist, but now they all crashing when start. HELP !!

        • Admin_Mrblade

          I know that’s happening, everything works fine until you add some music from computer to iPhone, after that each app just crashes! It’s because of the new Music in iOS7 / 7.0.2 .I am finding a solution to this problem! :(

          • Gabe

            Is there a patch yet??? :/

          • Admin_Mrblade

            i think what you can do is transfer music to iPhone from new iFunbox and only install apps from this software, it’s working well for me from past 5 days :)

          • Rohan8088

            Does this work for ios 7.0.3?

          • MrBlade

            yes this should work

          • Marc

            No it does not, i get Verification failed on every app i get

          • Richard

            This works great for me, There aren’t as many apps as I would like (Productivity apps specifically){Games and Apps mostly Up to date} Worked on my Ipad mini running IOS 7.0.3


            There is a mac & windows version

          • Skull

            Its working fine on ios7.0.3 tested and using myself

          • DiborGaming

            Did you find a solution to the apps crashing? They all crash now and I deleted my itunes libary but they still crash

          • Skull

            I found the Solution app crashing app from a Chinese site, and crashing of app has nothing do with music transfer some app works and some crashes.

            Solution:remove all crashing app connect to iphone to pc and opne pp25 app and in first screen posted in this post u see a ”grey button” just beneath the minimize and close button, click on it and wait until is done and ur good to go :)