Infinitum VS

So after a long time,here I present Infinitum.

I wanted to do something sleek , minimal theme which could be used in a day to day life and result is this.


Supported OS: Windows 8 & 8.1


  • 2 styles ( Glass and Normal )
  • Multiple sub-styles ( works best on 8.1 )
  • Support StartIsBack and StartIsBack+
  • Token Cursors
  • OldNewExplorer support.
  • Simple Installer to install the theme.

Feel free to leave feedback, they are appreciated!

Please do not re-upload or hotlink any of this post/theme.



Token Light Cursors


Icons in preview are here


If you like my work and want me to continue doing free themes then support me by buying any premium theme from here or donate me





Alternate Link


  • wrmorris

    the UltraUX Theme Patcher link has been removed 🙁

  • Marco Navarro

    Hi MrBlade.
    I’m having this problem, do you know how to solve it?
    I installed all according the instructions. System is already patched

    • iammrblade

      you are using the start version that’s the problem!

  • we


  • Aditya Sonihaya

    Hi MrBlade, i wonder if you could help me on this one. I attached the difference between mine and originally yours. The one i installed don’t have the grey colour and stripe background as yours. Do you have any advice? Thanks

  • Joel Möllering

    Hey MrBlade, I installed all according the instructions, but how I can achieve the frames of the windows like those in the pictures? Thanks!

  • Luís César Brigolini de Carval


  • irving ventura

    bro, im having troubles, im running windows 8, and the minimize, maximize and close button default icons are overlapped with yours, what should i do ?

    • iammrblade

      please attach a screenshot 🙂

      • Ignacio Urra Tapia

        same here

        • iammrblade

          seems you guys are using on higher DPI

          • Alexandre Roger

            I can’t get the dowload link, no matter if i share on fb, on google+, the link still locked and it makes me mad, i really want your theme so please a little help 🙂

    • Ignacio Urra Tapia

      same here

  • Eric

    It seems to be nice, I want to try it.
    >Good job

    • iammrblade

      cool 😀

  • Truth

    !! Nice

    • iammrblade

      thanks! 😀

      • abdo70

        Beautiful very nice work.

        • iammrblade

          thanks buddy