Arius Windows 8


Here’s a port of Arius which was originally for windows 7. This theme also had a good response from you guys that’s why I decided to port this for windows 8 and 8.1

Arius windows 8


  • Supports StartIsBack and StartIsBack+
  • Custom Sounds.
  • 4 wallpapers ( credits Submicron and others )
  • Simple installer to install the theme
  • Custom fonts
  • Fixed jumplist and start screen for 8.1.1
  • Aimp3 skin
  • Rainmeter Skin
  • Dock Skin
  • Dock Icons
  • Cursors by jacksmafia


Download link is locked.You have to either Tweet, +1(google) or give a Fb share to unlock the download link.( Not a survey, doing this for improving search engine ranking )

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Download Link :



Alternate Link

Start Orb image is here

  • Renypuspitasari

    is it working for windows 10?

  • Nagnonhou wilfrid

    super beautiful work πŸ˜‰

  • Hellraiser PAIN

    wow nice work


  • bob

    I liked this on Facebook, but still can’t use the download link

  • Sathya

    When i install in my lap its windows 8 (32 bit ) OS. But its not installing
    I get it as a virus warning while installing

  • Hachitaki

    I used uxstyle and uxthemepatcher but i got this

  • Guest

    Thank you, great design πŸ™‚

    Only one question: how do i activate the icons in the folder?

  • Gaurav Saini

    hey bro add some sharp edges to window screen

  • Tamas

    When I installed this I am unsure why but it has not put the new look on any windows or the taskbar.
    I have the theme patch and aero glass and have placed the folder into themes so I can’t see the problem…

    I’ve attached a screen shot with a window open so you can see the problem,.

    • iammrblade

      this comes with the installer, you don’t need to place anything manually in any folder.
      I am pretty sure that your system is not patched after looking at the image.

      • Tamas

        I have definitely used the advised patch for the theme so I don’t know what had gone wrong here?

  • Adam Lundbom

    Download Link doesn’t include installer.exe

  • Cai Ly

    nothing show on my control panel

  • Cai Ly

    how to fix these

  • Guest

    how to fix these?

  • Guest

    i use windows 8.1. everything work except these 2. how to fix these

  • toxic

    looks like a nice theme, but i can’t get the .exe working. Every time it says that the file is corrupted and unreadable. (File size of the .exe is 1kb)
    I tried downloading it multiple times, but nothing changes. thanks for your help!

    • iammrblade

      try disabling your antivirus

      • toxic

        i tried, but nothing changes πŸ™

  • Jackall4BDN

    same problem as previous 2 guys, not posting a screenshot for obvious reasons

    • iammrblade

      I”ll fix this within next few days πŸ™‚ li’l busy right now.

      • Jackall4BDN

        thx, man. ruins the theme a lot, asides form that itΒ΄s really great work.
        Never seen a Win8-Theme that looks THAT different, and that in a good way^^

  • Otavio Lima

    How can fix this white bar?

  • Guest

    How can fix this?

  • Kael Trantor

    Beautiful! I do have one question though as I am missing out on the full experience of this theme.

    I recently installed 8.1, as well as startisback (start menu mod for the task bar to get rid of the ugly screen with tiles). After this was all said and done, pretty much everything from the theme is still intact, but the taskbar reverted back to normal. I thought the task bar was one of the coolest elements so I have been trying to get it back, including re-installation of the theme, which is why I’m back here! Do you have any idea of how I can restore this? I seem to be having no luck! Thank you

    • MrBlade

      post a screenshot.

    • iammrblade

      please attach a screenshot. πŸ™‚