Alienware Eclipse Pure Blue Win 8

Alienware themes are one of my greatest accomplishments , everything started from Alienware Evolution and now I am done with Alienware eclipse series for windows 8. Here’s the pure blue version of my famous Alienware Eclipse theme.Thank you all for supporting me , this will help me to do free stuff in future.

Supported OS:

Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1.1


Alienware Eclipse Pure Blue Features:Alienware Eclipse Pure Blue

With this theme you will be receiving-

  • Visual Style with installer
  • Logon Screen
  • Alienware Eclipse Pure blue Icon Pack Installer (iPack)
  • Orb Image
  • Rainmeter Skin
  • Aimp3 skin
  • Dock Skin
  • Dock Icons (extra)
  • WinRAR Theme
  • Awesome support from the creator (Mr Blade)

Other Release notes:

  1. Theme Support StartIsBack & StartIsBack+
  2. Jumplist fix for 8.1 users
  3. Start Screen tiles context menu fixed.
  4. Simple installer



Credit Card/Debit Card cards

After the purchase if you don’t receive the email containing the key then do not panic, wait for some time, do check the Spam folder if you still don’t receive the email then feel free to use this contact us form.

  • Bailey Lawson

    Truly awesome Alienware theme I enjoy waking my alienware r2 17 up and seeing it booming with this theme. Thanks

  • Cyber Roamer


  • Cyber Roamer

    hey, are u going to release w10 optimized version of alienware eclipse pure blue theme? Also do u accept payment in btc?

  • Russell

    Hello. Got just one question is this theme will work on window 10? If not so when we can wait windows 10 theme?

    • iammrblade

      All the windows 8 & 8.1 themes are working on 10 but they need optimization. I”ll release an optimized version of my themes for windows 10 very soon.

  • Дмитрий Гордеев

    Hi, I can not install the theme, do as instructed, sounds and icon changes, Windows Explorer does not. Notebook alienware 18”. At 17” it worked.