Alienware Eclipse Pure Blue Edition

Price- $2.50

Update 28/12/2015

  • Fixed some colors + Properties

Please use “Alienware Eclipse Downloader” to download updated package.


This version is for Windows 7 only!

So it’s done now! I had spent over a month for this theme and worked for over 12 hours a day.I did all this for your enjoyment so want you guys to buy this theme and support me for my future themes! Currently it’s for windows 7 only, it will take some time  do windows 8 version. Alienware evolution was one of my greatest and most liked theme so I decided to make a new alienware theme and the result is Alienware Eclipse. Whole new interface, new start,

Alienware Eclipse Pure Blue Edition for Windows 7

sounds.Everything redesigned! You will love this!


-Visual Style

-Sounds Schema


-Icon Pack

-PNG icons for dock RocketDock

-Logon Screen’s

Make sure after purchase you don’t distribute it for free because it took a great time and hard work. Please respect the copyright, do not share this for free!

Credits: LamiaDC


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After the purchase if you don’t receive the email containing the key then do not panic, wait for some time, do check the Spam folder if you still don’t receive the email then feel free to use this contact us form.

  • Cyber Roamer

    Payment in btc?

  • Evo-Mind

    Want to buy this theme but the indian debit card doesnt work to buy the themes SAD …. 🙁

  • Vishnu Vijay

    How can I create Visual Style (.msstyles) for Windows 8? Is there any free software(s) for it? When I use Resource Hacker to edit, sometimes, my system (virtual) goes blank. IT getting me errors.. Pls help me to build my style….. 🙂 [The Latest version of Resource hacker iss giving me more errors than ever!]

  • Vishnu Vijay

    Is this useful in anyway?

  • Marcos Martins

    windows 7 and the last thing you guys had to have for all windows because they liked with orange and it does not have

  • Marcos Martins

    ]: Lost the money they pay in the theme):

    • iammrblade

      oh mate it’s bad, because it’s clearly mentioned in the post that it’s for windows 7 only.Didn’t you read it properly before buying?

  • Marcos Martins

    8.1 ????

    • iammrblade

      no support for 8.1 !

  • jonesinjoneser

    Purchased this theme but the archive files downloaded are corrupt/invalid. Tried to extract with 7zip and windows explorer. Also entered this in the support form. Please send a valid zip file for this theme.

    • MrBlade

      I’ve sent an email.Please use contact us form for these kinds of issues.

    • MrBlade

      can you please close the dispute?

  • Lennart

    I have become a email but i can’t download the file. First he say me the File is distroyed

  • John Doe

    would love to see this for win8.1. currently using eclipse, but would like the deeper blue.

  • Hey, i brought the theme, but i haven’t got the activation key trough my email.

    Please i do not wish to waste my money.

  • Chris Maradiaga

    This sucks. I paid for this theme but I have not gotten any download nor any activation key. Tried using the contact us link but it refuses to send my complaint.

  • Daniel Damien

    I purchased the above theme 2 times and both times I never received the email nor did I receive the activation key. I also tried the free theme and had to cancel them because there were no activation keys. I will be contacting Paypal about this issue right away!!! I am very dissatisfied

    • iammrblade

      Do not panic, keep calm.I am not running away with your money dude.You could simply use the contact us form .Please wait I am sending you the key manually.

      • Daniel Damien

        Okay Thank you, I didn’t know, there is a lot of scams going around, got to watch yourself, Thank you for a wonderful theme dude

  • vlad96ru

    My favorite topic, thanks!

    • iammrblade


  • Anastasia Tarra

    I love the themes, but I must be honest, I don’t like the frames around the windows, when one uses full screen, the edges are hidden so there serve no use.
    So I have been playing in PE Explorer and removing the frame edges in the Stream PNG.