Alienware Eclipse ::Preview::


After the huge responsive for Alienware Evolution, I decided to to do a sequel and here it is.I am currently working upon this and it will be available till the end of September probably!
Feel free to leave suggestions on this!
Meanwhile you can check my other theme’s out and make sure you grab the Reactor-X theme’s because they are FREE NoW! :iconxd--plz:


You are not allowed to modify this image in any form!

  • monarch varma

    how to DL..?

  • Johann Jude

    please dont remove “search” on start menu thanks

  • Johann Jude

    how to DL? thnx

  • ASB753

    can you please allow the user to change the install location for your theme in your installer baceause my windows 7 is on my d drive not my c drive please fix this bug

    • Admin_Mrblade

      ok i”ll take care of this

  • ASB753

    wow now this is just too awesome fantasic ∞/∞

  • sam caden

    dude this is rich. ill be waiting for it. i got the other themes and downloaded some of them. your great at these

    • MrBlade

      Thanks mate! Glad you liked my work!

    • Admin_Mrblade

      thanks mate 😀

  • Sherwin R. Jimiera

    Great job, Mr. Blade, Great power, great responsibility…may the the force be with you…

  • Jorge

    wing’ll be waiting, it looks awesome!!

  • jondometita

    this ones EPIC!

    • MrBlade

      Thanks buddy!