Alienware Eclipse icons

Alienware Icons Snap


Updated! Now 7tsp Pack is also available to download!

This pack is for Window 7 and Windows 8/8.1 


So finally they are done! I have spent great time on these so hope that you all will love these! These are made to go with my upcoming premium theme Alienware Eclipse.

Feel free to use these but make sure you do not re upload them.You have no rights to edit these as they are copyright protected and are for my premium theme!

More icons will be added with the theme so stay tuned for Alienware Eclipse! Please read the instruction file included before doing anything.

If you still have any problem, you found any bug then feel free to contact me anytime. I”ll help to sort the problem!


7tsp Pack  Windows 7:

Alternate Download Link


7tsp Pack For Windows 8 & 8.1:

Alternate Download Link


EXE Installers for all the alienware eclipse icons are available here

  • Hasan Basri Arslan

    10, which download do i use?

  • aca555

    MUITO BOM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Freddy Fazbear

    I am using win. 10, which download do i use?

  • Mas Ter Shi Fu

    Nice One bro (y) Like it ….. Thanks so much

  • Prem Jith

    using 7 tsp on windows 8.1 pro 64 bit first time , when i add a icon pack 7 tsp shows an error message ” Could not find pack.ini” . i tried so many icon packs this pack also same error occurs help please

  • Nemesi Jfk

    saludos amigo descargue el instalador de iconos ya instale y se reinicio mi pc pero no se aplican los cambios tengo una win7 64 bts ultimate no los tendras en icopakager.
    y gracias por lo que es grati

  • Chad Warden

    Links work perfectly. Thanks dude.

  • Scallen Bockovnot

    there is no download link?

  • Anup Paudel

    This sucks. Like on facebook, share on facebok. what more you want, ….still no unlocking,,,,,,,,now provide me some survey,,,,,

  • Anup Paudel

    liked still download link is not unlocked,,,

  • Rick Gillette

    I love your Alienware theme but every time I use 7tsp icons it asks me to reboot and Windows won’t boot up. So, I have had to refresh my laptop which has 8.1 and I have considered buying Windows 7 because I love using modded themes. Can you help me get around this?


    why is 7wtsp or whatever its called a trojan? why blade why??????

  • Sanjidul Islam

    Hi man.. still waiting on that windows 8 icon pack!! 🙂

  • Sanjidul Islam

    Hi would it be possible for u to make it windows 8.1 version.
    I tried this copy in windows 8 and my computer crashed ans so i had tor restore my whole computer.
    Making a windows 8 format will be very much appreciated

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Ok I just have to repack certain res files for windows 8 version, will post it soon!

  • Csimpi983

    and the first time I download icon file

  • Csimpi983

    Mr.Blade I download the file but IDK how to open it. Please help

    • Admin_Mrblade

      you downloaded 7tsp pack or exe version? if you have 7tsp version then you will need a software called 7tsp, go google it!

  • Dinesh Ramalingam

    is this for windows 8?

    • Admin_Mrblade

      no -_-

  • poweredbyostx

    This is awesome pack man.Great work Mr Blade.
    I like it 😉

    • Admin_Mrblade

      thanks! 😀

  • -hell-boy-

    i try to download this my os is windows xp and after i download this icons google chrome said phishing…….try to fix and update i hope soon no trouble and it is work in windows xp really nice icons thanks!….more power to you!

    • MrBlade

      Worked in windows xp????lol thanks for telling.. And phishing??? But my website is not google blacklisted, i use attracta on weekly basis to check these kind of problems

  • Efren Giron

    esta padre los iconos amigo

  • Jose Lebron Hernandez Vargas

    el tema esta exelente lo descargue y lo instale pero no me gusta q me
    deja todas las carpetas igual osea amarilla y asi no me gusta porq
    cambia todo menos las carpetas..!!!

    • Admin_Mrblade

      Please post in English! I couldn’t understand the translation also :

  • Jesús Puente

    Thank you, great pack, works in win 8.1?

    • Admin_Mrblade

      not tested on windows8 i don’t think they will work but I am constantly working on windows 8 customization!

  • Roser Flame

    could not download form above link. plz help mr.Blade

    • Admin_Mrblade

      updated , sorry i had posted wrong one before

  • omar

    sorry I can not download …. can you help me??????????

    • Admin_Mrblade

      link updated!

      • Vuyisa

        Mr Blade am using w.7 64bit so i’ve been trying to parth with w7 but seem nt happening, help me out i need the theem of alien ware bro help me out