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Alienware Eclipse Blue


Price- $2.50

Update 28/12/2015

  • Fixed some colors and other properties.

Please use your “Alienware Eclipse Downloader” to download your updated package


So it’s done now! I had spent over a month for this theme and worked for over 12 hours a day.I did all this for your enjoyment so want you guys to buy this theme and alienwarebluesupport me for my future themes! Currently it’s for windows 7 only, it will take a week more to do windows 8 version. Alienware evolution was one of my greatest and most liked theme so I decided to make a new alienware theme and the result is Alienware Eclipse. Whole new interface, new start, sounds.Everything redesigned! You will love this!


  • Visual Style
  • Sounds Schema
  • Cursors
  • Icon Pack PNG icons for dock RocketDock
  • Logon Screen’s

Make sure after purchase you don’t distribute it for free because it took a great time and hard work. Please respect the copyright, do not share this for free!


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After the purchase if you don’t receive the email containing the key then do not panic, wait for some time, do check the Spam folder if you still don’t receive the email then feel free to use this contact us form.

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  • Ross Dymond

    Is it possible to get the winrar theme for this please

  • Keshav Khatri

    sir its my humble request to u to lauch alienware eclipse for android and air plz make it free plz

  • Nemesi Jfk
    • iammrblade

      what do you want exactly?

      • Nemesi Jfk

        change for eclipse blue pack windows 7

        can amigo¡?

    • Chaudhry Farooq Saeed Arain

      You are Fucking Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nemesi Jfk

    hola amigo usted me puede cambiar ventanas azules paquete Eclipse 8.1

    un paquete para Windows 7 64 bits del mismo color

    …………………. Amigo gracias espero su respuesta …………………. . ………….
    satisfecho su trabajo ……………………….. ……………… ………………………………
    aquí está mi dirección de correo electrónico ([email protected])

  • yyovanni .

    Debit Card is not accepted.

  • yyovanni .

    Hello. I can pay by debit card? sorry for my english.

    • MrBlade

      yup! use the second option for payment

    • iammrblade

      yup! use the second option for payment ( credit card option )

  • MK

    we have to pay.. :S

  • Trae

    Is there a way to change the text color from Grey it is hard to read or see at times.

  • Saudade

    Does the theme not have winrar icons and music player? I saw it in a yt video. Someone had it but when I bought the theme, it didn’t have those.

    • Admin_Mrblade

      I can send you the winrar skin and Aimp3 skin. Tell me your email..

  • Nisar Ahmed

    My Debit Card is not accepted by Pay Pal Please Help me or a free download link please [email protected] help me please

  • Jeff

    Hello, I’ve purchased but when I want to extract brings nothing, would like a rembolzo this file is empty.

    • Admin_Mrblade

      This is probably impossible, check twice and did you download it properly? In this case you can tell me you email with which you bought it!

  • Brazilian

    someone please buy me? I have no money

  • Alien Ware

    Архив для Windows 7 содержит вирус Win 32 Saliti. gen

  • Jesiah Butzer

    hey there i purchased this a few hrs ago and after repeated trying i cant get the alien dock to work, keeps coming up in the installer to find disk2.pak, any suggestions

  • brian mcgee

    i paid for the blue theme and it wont let me download

    Your order is being processed by the payment service provider.
    Please reload this page after approximately 20 seconds, you will then get access to your content.

    content[Mr Blade]Alienware Eclipse theme win7.7zunit priceUSD 2.50availabilityyou have access to this item until one year after your purchase

  • Hiroshx

    nvm 😛

  • Hiroshx

    can’t even dowload it after make payment..

  • zakwan

    can i make payment using mobile phones?

  • Zack Harvill

    or are you going to make any that will be compatible with 8.1

  • Zack Harvill

    does it work with windows 8.1 because i installed then applied patch and then windows would not start at all had to do a system restore

  • Kevin

    Hi, great theme. I got the alienware evolution one but this one looks way more awesome.
    is the windows 8 version out yet? thanks

  • vlad96ru

    Hi!Make a payment through paypal

    • MrBlade

      Pay through second option, not gumroad 😉

  • Axe

    Impatiently waiting for the WIN8 version, can u also port the eclipse icons for win8. Thanks

  • Rob Rahmlow

    great job man loveing every mint of it and how old r u? if u are 15 or 16 u have wonderful talent and keep up the great work man great JOB and can u get the cursors also for an download plz and thankyou and plz give me a link for them plz and thank you because the cursor for the eclips is not working at the moment man plz and thank you that would be great man

    • Admin_Mrblade

      I am 19 and glad you liked my work

      here are the eclipse cursors:

      • Rob Rahmlow

        chow man im 21 and i try to have that talent but never complete it how did u learn all the sweet stuff man? i love all the theams u do for alienware owners and stuff keep up the great work man

        • MrBlade

          Happy to hear that you like my work that much, but mate you can never learn things when you don’t devote time and efforts. I an doing this kind of stuff from past 2 years. Initially i was also a noob